Thursday, September 1, 2011

Angus in Wysteria? Absolutely!

Oh! Look who's in Wysteria, stealin' their loots . . .

And why is Angus Unicornpants in Wysteria you might ask?

1- extra exp to pad his level (he's 38 now).
2- easy way to procure bacon.

I like it just a bit crispy, thanks!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

Ravenwood is Hogwarts.
Celestia Acamdemy is Beaubatons.
Dragonspyre Academy is Durmstrang.
Pigswick is PIGFARTS!

Seems to me that someone at KI must be a Starkid fan.

Blaze Firesword said...

It's good to see Angus again. I think you will be able to get all the way through Dragonspyre, but after that, it's anyones guess how far you'll get.

Ashley Spiritweaver said...

woot! finally some unicornpants news!
i was starting to think he dropped off the face of the earth!

Anonymous said...

ya i cant play w101 anymore its too expensive