Monday, September 12, 2011

Wizard101 Choice Online Audience Award

Hey everybody! This announcement is up "everywhere" in the Wizard101
world, but I just wanted to add my two cents that you should rush off to
vote for KingsIsle for the Audience award if you haven't already. :)
Last year we lost to League of Legends, but they said it was only by a
narrow margin. You HAVE to remember to click the link in your
validation e-mail . . . very important step. If you don't do that, your
vote doesn't count.

Psyched that there will be some rewards coming for voting soon. :)
Details below.


Game Developers Choice Online Awards organizers have announced the
opening of the Audience Award, encouraging online game fans worldwide to
vote for their favorite persistent online game from September 8th until
September 22nd.

To vote for the Audience Award simply enter the name of the game and a
valid email address at this website:

Deadline to vote is Friday, September 22nd at 12am PDT.
Note that an email address is required as they require vote validation.

Once you've received your validation email and confirmed your vote for
Wizard101, forward that validation email to
We'll be announcing rewards for those who voted very soon!

Have fun and thanks for voting!


Happy Dueling!


Rokk said...

I voted yesterday 'cause I saw the announcement on central, now I know what the prize is though.

Anonymous said...

did you guys get your validation email right after you voted? cause i voted and its been hours and i still havent gotten it and now it wont let me vote again and i wont get the wyvverns hoard :(c

Kevin BattleBlood said...

@Anonymous: Make sure to check your spam folder! That's where mine ended up.

Anonymous said...

Do you just forward it to them or what?

Stingite said...

Yup . . . Forward the voting validation email or the confirmation screen shot to