Friday, September 23, 2011

Swampy, the Disney/KingsIsle Missing Link?

You probably don't remember my Disney/KingsIsle conspiracy theory post, so here's a link.

One of the major problems in my theory was that Disney only uses videogames to promote their movies and characters, and never in reverse. To quote myself, ". . . to me Disney uses their video games as part of their commercial blitz and not vice versa. They don't blitz their video games, they blitz their products with video games. Disney scooping up Kingsisle would bring them a whole *NEW* set of characters that are begging to be blitzed."

Yesterday a new Press Release hit the AP Wire from Disney announcing their new Swampy videogame character with the heading, "Disney hopes game character makes it to big screen." Now THAT's a heading! :) You should check out the article here.

Swampy is pretty awesome actually. It's like a cross between the Rubbadubbas and the Peter Pan croc.

To continue to extend the conspiracy theory, could this test case be the first steps down the lane to this?

*eyebrows wiggling* EH? EH?

Meh, since the article's tag line merely comes from the General Manager suggesting a wild theory (""Maybe five years from now, wouldn't it be great if there was a movie that started up on the App Store?" Decrem said."), it's all very premature to even make guesses, but I do find it very interesting.

Something to think about. I just want an amusement park named Wizard101 land.

Happy dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

Swampy's the weird nephew Krokopatra doesn't like to talk about. Looks like he's been hanging around Bernie in Vestrilund again.

Evan LionTamer said...


witchwarrior said...

Pff you and your disney/kingsisle links X3.

I like swampy!

Mythstone said...

I believe the Disney/Kingsisle theory, but I'd be scared if Disney tries to buy KI. Disney bought Marvel a while back along with movie rights to The Avengers and Iron Man 3. Imagine what Disney may have "ruined" to make it more kid friendly to a PG-13 movie series with good, not for children to watch jokes and laguage. Now imagine that in Wizad101. I'd be afraid. Also, when KI was on FOX buisness for hitting 20 million players back in early July, I saw a graph comparing Wizard101 to FreeRealms and Club Penguin, Club penguin was way near the bottom, and that means something. And I see this missing link with Swampy, he's very simular to the Kroks. And Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas, both have records for working with Disney. I believe something may be going on, let's hust hope Disney backs away from our turf.

Liam said...

If kingsisle teams up with disiny i willquit wizard101.