Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Level 22 in Magic the Gathering Tactics

Since my last post I've completed Chapter 3 and 4 and earned a few more levels. AWWWYEAHH!

There were a few frustrating moments there as I scratched my head as to how unlucky I could be with my cards. AND there were even more moments where I had to bust down a few mental barriers to figure out what the best way to position my planeswalker and minions were. Chapter 3:1 was one of those encounters. It was ugly. You're facing off against two 40 attack trolls, three 20 attack casters, and an opponent planeswalker. These creatures are relentless and 200 health can disappear in just a few rounds as you position your planeswalker just so and with a little bit of luck make a dash to a stone that ends the match.

I died and died and died on that chapter more than I'd like to mention. To be honest I think that may be the point in the game where the developers hoped you would throw your hands in the air and dump a bunch of money buying virtual cards to construct a deck to get you through the wall. Regardless, beating that was raw and awesome.

The last victory I had this morning was also strategically intense.

It took me an hour to complete this level, and quite honestly the computer made some bad moves or I would have been toast. Gotta love when an opponent skeletal dragon who could swat me dead in one hit instead goes for your 70 attack behemoth with first strike. :)

So now I find myself on the final chapter of the solo game wondering what challenges are in store. If chapter four's end battle is any indication, then I'm up for quite a fight!

Thanks for indulging me with these MTG:T posts here on this blog. I know it's offtopic, but we've already discussed the similarities between MTG and W101, right? Word.

Happy Dueling!

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Winged Nazgul said...

Thanks for the MTG:Tactics posts, Friendly. Because of them, it's gotten me to take another look at a game that I had initially dismissed as an obvious SOE/WoTC cash grab.

I even took advantage of the half-price SC sale to grab enough for all the chapters. I have to say I am looking forward to refining my deck into a lean, mean killing machine. And for some reason, buying virtual cards doesn't seem so pointless when they come so nicely animated.