Sunday, September 25, 2011

Joshua Lionbane Trading Card

You may remember back a while, Bailey and Joshua Lionbane teamed up to do a huge wand strike. Joshua purchased a bunch of treasure cards for that one wand strike, and that probably cost him a horde of gold. O.o

I met Joshua in the hatchery by some random coincidence. That's always cool when I meet a reader by random accident. Randomness wins!

He's a long time reader, and he's fun to hang out with in game. He wanted a card, and even though I'm not really making these cards anymore . . . here you go, Mr. Pibb . . . I mean, Joshua!

:) Thanks for being awesome!

Happy Dueling!


Colin Sandbane said...

Please check out this new blog friendly :)

Rokk said...

Sorry, but Dr. Pepper came first (best soda ever). I like quote though.

Joshua Lionbane said...

Thanks a lot for posting that, I think that it really looks great. While there is a lot of happy things going on in the w101 universe, I have something rather sad to say. I quit. First of all, I would like to say thanks to all of you guys in the community for making my time in w101 so enjoyable, special thanks to the friendly necromancer and his family for everything that they have done, I hope that many wizards in the future will be inspired by friendly's visionary and truly wonderful way of blogging. Thanks for 2 great years of fun, kingsisle; all the money that was spent was well invested. Wizard101 was a really great game, but I simply dont have enough time for it anymore......what with school and such..... I think that even though this game is fun, it can be an addiction that sometimes cant be shook..... I have decidedto stop playing not because i think it is bad to play, but because therejsut isnt anymore joy in the playing.... all of my irl friends have left this game, and the friends that i have made on the game hardly get on anymore..... so yeah, thats the reason. A game just isnt fun without its community, eh? Money has also become an issue here.....I have decided to invest in future (buying a car and such) so I really cant keep up with all these w101 updates...... Well, I guess that I better end this ramble with something rather positive..... See ya people...... Wizard101 will be of fond memories...... Mr. Pibb is awesome...... Goodbye everyone

~Joshua Lionbane

Tara Darkgem said...

no no no NOOOO JOSHUA YOU CANT QUIT!! YOU ARE ONE OF MY BESTEST BUDDIES!! the game wont be fun without you :( :( :(

Anonymous said...

it funny how one comment can sour up a perfectly happy blog post

Tara Darkgem said...


i kno right? o;