Monday, September 12, 2011

Angus Finishes Shirataki Temple (And Gains a Spell!)

Honestly, I knew Shirataki Temple would be a bear to beat. It's long enough as it is, but when playing a solo paper tiger like Angus, well, I knew it would take some time and patience, and it did.

Health totals on boss mobs are starting to sky rocket, and it was just a brutal experience. The worst part is dealing with an excess of storm, myth, and balance mobs, which are by far the toughest for Angus. If a monster shields, I have to break it quickly. If I get a -35% debuff charm, I have to dispel it. The short deck and lack of power pip percentage means I have to work twice as carefully and defeat sometimes is inevitable--but in the end I won. And with Angus, *eventually* winning is the only thing that matters!

Some helpful tips for this instance with Angus (and without really). You can kill Wavebringer’s minion early before you spawn him and make that a rather easy fight. If you’re going to die on the Plague Oni fight, take out his minion first, and the second time you face him, he will be alone as well.

Reshuffle was absolutely necessary. I had taken it out of Angus’s deck for Wysteria and hadn’t put one in since fighting Meowiarty to be honest. I needed Reshuffle for The Plague Oni because health totals juxtapose lack of power pips are becoming an issue, BUT! I have a new spell in my arsenal now thanks to the Plague Oni kill!


That spell is going to help a LOT with the challenges coming soon. I smell the burning books of Dragonspyre in Angus's future. Getting closer!

Happy Dueling!

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Blaze Firesword said...

Your almost there friendly!
Just 2 more oni's and a ton more boss battles in DS. I'm not sure if you said you where going to do Celestia since you started this before it came out.