Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Third Birthday Wizard101!

I honestly can't believe it's been three years. Where did the time go? I'm resurrecting an old picture of a cake we made for Wizard101's first birthday.

Yum! I want an excuse to have cake! I should definitely make that the family project tonight . . . make a new Wizard101 cake!

Anyway, the spiral is definitely looking festive once again.

Tiki Friendly loves parties. :)

So the first year we each got a hat as a present. The second year we got two rare transformation potions. This year we get . . . random present!

Wizard101's Facebook page tells us to go to this link by Sep 5 and redeem our third birthday present. Congrats and enjoy your present! Let me know what you get.

Happy Dueling!


Isaac Mistheart said...

So far people have gotten: a decorative wand, a bunch of balloons, and I got a blue present box :)

Blaze Shadowblade said...

I got... oh it's loading a patch... (one unwanted wait later) I got a Party gift wand. It's cosmetic... off to my necro, who doesn't like to use wands, it goes.

Tara Darkgem said...

three years already wow! XD w101 has grown so much! my gift was a party banner :/. oh well free is free! that cake looks so good O.o btw you never told us what you got

Destiny Soultamer said...

Sweet cake! How does it taste lol. I got a red party gift. I put it in my bank to save for Xmas season. I'm impressed on the progress over the years.

Ashley Spiritweaver said...

i got a red pardy gift. wish i could have gotten something better @_@
what are all the things you could have gotten?

Anonymous said...

i got a party hat rare party promo