Thursday, September 15, 2011

Angus vs. Cyrus Drake

Got a note here from John LegendMancer:
Hello Friendly! Its me again, John LegendMancer.

Congratulations for completing MooShu with Angus! Good Luck with MooShu's side quest, You'll need it!
Oh yea, as on to Dragonspyre, you'll be tested by dueling with Prof. Cyrus Drake right? Why don't make a video of it?

PS: What's MooShu's last boss you need to defeat to complete MooShu itself?

Thanks Friendly!
~John L; Adept (26) Sorcerer

Heya John. Thanks for the kind note! I actually did battle Cyrus Drake already, but I don't really have time to upload to Youtube today, so here's a link to the raw footage of that fight on x-fire. Hope you like it!

And to answer your question . . . The final boss of Mooshu is The Jade Oni!

Happy dueling!


Tara Darkgem said...

Nice new header friendly! XD I love the marleybone, fariy, tiki, darksword look. It works for you :D

Anonymous said...

Please add me Thomas I really wanna have some advice on how to fight better on my death ( level 65) please reply, Noah Skullbreaker