Saturday, September 24, 2011

What blade is this?

Question from John Legendmancer:
Hello Friendly!
Its me again, John LegendMancer.

At the Bazaar, i see a wizard who have a cool Sword Wand, after i see his Profile, the Blade's name is Lifeforce blade, which means its stitched, Can you explain what wand is it & Its profile (Level, Cards Given etc.)?

Thanks Friendly!
~John L; Adept (26) Sorcerer

Heya John, Yeah that's definitely stitched. I recognized that blade right away since it was featured in Beckett's magazine though. It's the Dragonclaw Blade from issue #26 (5 attacks, 75 fire damage). We have that stashed on one of Uber Wife's characters: Bailey Lionblood!

Be sure to check out FuzzyWuzzy's guide to Beckett items on Wizard101 Central.

Happy Dueling!

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