Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Angus vs Mavra!

This morning Angus finished up the first big wall of Dragonspyre: Mavra Flamewing.  Here's the YouTube video for the fight. :)

What you don't see in this video are the numerous failed attempts before this successful one.  My deck had to be massaged a few times until I came up with a winning combo.  The first few seconds of the video show what I was eventually packing in my mega awesome starter deck.  ;) In retrospect I should have dumped one of those tempests for another storm shield, but it eventually all worked out (even if it meant an extra reshuffle).

You know what else needed massaging besides my deck?  My patience.  I kept jumping the gun on my cards, and I was doing exactly what shouldn't be doing (messing around with Wild Bolt).  Once I straightened out my deck and got my head in the game, my cards fell in place and I pulled out a win!  The Shatter treasure card, of course, was invaluable.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Happy dueling!


Heroic Pyromancer said...

Wow, I remember some person said in the comments that your winning streak might end at Mavra. Well, that person stands corrected XD. You have trumped the defending! Gratz, Friendly!-Thunderblade

Anonymous said...

Amazing ! Angus keeps on beating the odds and winning . You really are a Master Dueler. Hey ,there's an idea .Excellent name for a new title...
~Marcus Deathwalker

Duncan Daystone said...

Mavra Flamewing, eh? That brings back some memories. I love to stop and think every once and a while about how many good times I've had with this game. It's been very good to me.
Congrats on getting underway in Dragonspyre, Angus! I'll be honest; I didn't think you'd make it past Big Ben. You sure proved me wrong! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's amazing. A storm wizard, soloing mavra, with no clothes one!

but angus don't care none :)