Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Magic the Gathering: Tactics?

So I was over watching the Trailer for the game Card Hunter, right? Pretty funny stuff. Anyway, while I'm over there, I notice a related video for Card Hunter was for something called Magic The Gathering: Tactics.

Looks like some relatively cheesy yet awesome graphics combined with an MtG flair . . . what the heck . . . let's download this thing!

Rhinoman gonna teach me tactics!

The end result of my curiosity is that I finished up pretty much the extents of the free game and ran into a pay wall. Chapter one of the solo game, done.

. . . annnnnnd . . . . Gratz level 6! WOOT!

(Had to snap pictures of the screen with my iPhone because print screen button wasn't working--should have had xfire up, think I could have gotten some pictures with that) So 500 station cash at regular prices is $5 real money, so the remainder of the solo game looked to be $20. It did look like a daily quest was included with each chapter, and in fact there is a daily quest available for free to play that could earn you around 50 exp a day.

The natural thing to do once you beat the game is to go click on the pickup play button and give your starter deck a go (white/green ftw)! Unfortunately it was dead in there and the game started to pair me against a level 35 dude, who probably happened to be the only other nerd playing this game at 5:00 am in the morning. Who are you people?! Blogger dads?!

Anyway, thought I'd let you all know about this game. It was mildly entertaining and had some interesting elements to it. But, ultimately, you know what game play reminded me of? It reminded me of that scene in Star Wars where R2D2 and C3PO are playing some chess with Chewbacca. I always thought that looked like the coolest game they were playing when I was a kid.

And of course, anyone who admits to playing Magic the Gathering: Tactics or wanting to play the chess game in Star Wars Episode IV just might not get a date someday. ;) (Sorry, I couldn't resist linking the story)

Happy Dueling!


Tesh said...

I keep meaning to try that out. I'm a fan of MTG and Tactics games. Thanks for reminding me!

Now, to carve out some time...

Jason said...

Many of the guys who worked on that were formerly of the SOE Denver office, which made the card games for EQ2, SWG, and Free Realms.