Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mooshu! Your Gear Don't Matter None!


It is all true, a level 42 Angus Unicornpants, weighing in at a mere 1000 or so hitpoints with 100 or so mana and clothed in only what the dear headmaster gave him at level 1, has bested all of Mooshu (except for a few sidequests), including those pesky Onis in Mortal Kombat!

Angus . . . wins!


Pretty much it all boiled down to Angus's regular play style: minion, shields, blade, traps, aura, Triton, and a reshuffle or three.

On to Dragonspyre! (Although, I might go finish up a few of those side quests now . . .)

Happy dueling!


Rokk said...

As Angus gets closer to cl you might want to think about some solution for crit and block rating, especially since he's storm and has little health.

Stingite said...

Moon magic!

W.V.S said...

Dang it! I'vs wanted the Death bat for ages! And now you get it...I hate my life...

Anonymous said...

He doesn't need to worry about it, all he needs is more shields in his deck. Problem... Solved.