Monday, September 19, 2011

Latest FOG in the Mail! Teamwork: The Key to The Spiral's Door

The latest Fun Online Games (FOG) magazine came in the mail over the weekend!

The article I wrote for it is a short piece about all the different sections of KingsIsle (and really any videogame company) and a little insight into what each section does--what part they play in creating the magic of Wizard101. I think a lot of videogame-savvy kids (in particular) will like this article. My daughter has read this one through a number of times actually. She's thinking a job as a videogame artist would be her speed. :)

The code in the magazine this time around is a free Wyvern's Hoard pack. I hope a lucky couple of you at least get a dragon out of that!

This issue of FOG is all about Halloween. There's a great four page spread about all the different Halloween events coming to all your favorite games: Club Penguin, Toontown, Pirates Online, Farmville, Pixie Hollow, Free Realms, Herotopia, Neopets, Petpet park, Poptropica, Roblox, Monkeyquest, Webkinz, Wizard101, and Clone Wars Adventures.

There's no new revelations about Wizard101's Halloween celebration coming up, but it does say there might be "an extra special pet." Hmm! I wonder if they'll put one of the more rare spooky pets in the crowns shop?

. . . And the last half of the magazine is pretty much all about the Yu-gi-oh card game. It's a Beckett's mag after all. ;)

Happy dueling!


Blaze Shadowblade said...

Too bad MOG doesn't give out the good Wizard101 codes. I'd really like to see a useful code in the next issue of MOG.

Vanessa EmeraldGlade! said...

My code for the pack won't work D:! Well not really missing out on something. Just trees and less backpack space. <:D?

Blaze Firesword said...

Wow, normally I wouldn't get the magazines because I don't want to get it just for the wizard101 stuff.
But I might get this one because there is a wyverns hoard in it.

Anonymous said...

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