Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Angus vs. Chester and Friends (Wysteria completed)

Check it out! Here's my latest video of Angus Unicornpants! As most of you are well aware, Angus is my no gear/starter wand/starter deck storm wizard that I'm taking through the game. This particular fight is with Chester Droors and his two side kicks. (I *still* smile about that name.) It's not the last fight of Wysteria, but I feel safe in saying it's probably the most challenging. Good times. I actually wanted to add two other fights to this video but Media Maker was hating all over my files.

Fun! I want to thank KI for a fun side world now that I've played through it with Angus. It was definitely a nice distraction from my exp quest grinding in Mooshu and helped pad Angus's level a touch. He's almost 40 now! Woot!


Happy Dueling!

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Ashley Spiritweaver said...

woot angus! keep it up!