Sunday, February 20, 2011

What do you do after becoming Legendary?

Question here from Chase Skullmask:
Hi friendly! I was just asking, what can you do after you have gotten one of your characters level 60? I dont really wanna start a new character or quest anymore. So what do you suggest.

Thanks, Chase Skullmask level 60 storm

You can always follow the flowchart!

That needs updating now. ;-)

It's a problem. Let's be honest. You're playing an MMO that's story-based, you've reached the end, and now you're faced with what next. It's something that I've battled for a long time. Back on December 9, 2008 I faced it after beating MooShu when that was the end world. Here's a quote from that post:
"Well, after beating the Moo Shu area, all that seems to be left for him to do is to goof off, and that's exactly what I've been doing with the ultimate power that is a level 45ish necromancer."

I even fretted about it a month later in this post. Quote:
"A lot of the players of this game can't wait for Dragonspyre. It's hard to play the same game over and over when there are so many great games out there. A company's ability to push out code and thoroughly test new content can never match the thirst of some hungry gamers.

I can see it happening now. Dragonspyre is going to come out and some players are going to beat it in under a day or two and then boom. hungry for more. PvP is going to keep them somewhat happy since there's the goal of the PvP gear to shoot for.

Perhaps community sponsored events is the answer?"

And jumping into the community really seemed to be the answer for me. Getting involved with the Wiki and Central staved off boredom, and making a CCG and getting really into building my blog up has kept me going. For a while it was all about various challenges like highest hit record or what can I solo. For a while it was about collecting items. For an hour it was all about Jordan Skybane.

In the end, there's a lot in here, but a lot of it is about vanity goals . . . like "collecting" . . . you know where you aren't really rewarded by the game for completing a collection, but the reward is more about having people drop by your house to say "OOooo!" and "AAAhhhh!" when they see your cool collection.

I feel that KingsIsle should direct this play more and ENCOURAGE it with rewards so that it's not just the vanity you're seeking after, but there's an actual game reward for completing a vanity-esque goal. I've barked that badges should mean more. Others have had ideas that furniture collections should affect your players stats. And you know recently, I was even asking that they delevel my character and provide me with new incentives to work through the game again.

What do you all think?

Honestly, housing; farming for money, gear, and furniture; gardening; badges; pvp; derby; advanced pets; helping lower level characters and friends; and collecting can help stave off the boredom for a little while, but eventually the answer always seems to be to start over and level a new character (even though you don't want to do that) or go play another game until they update this one with a new world. :/

Happy Dueling!


Arlen Dawneyes said...

I'm really into housing decorating, and a little bit of PvP on one wizard. I think I can handle waiting for Candyland or whatever ;). A big goal of mine is getting the Antique Cello...ugh :P

Anonymous said...

Just because you hit level 60 doesn't mean that you have ultimate power yet. There's still gear to be gotten, pets to be trained, and spells to be learned before you can truly say, "I am as powerful as I can be." A lot of what I do after level 60 relates to that. I don't just sit and twiddle my thumbs, I go out and craft the best gear that I think there is, I farm for the best wand I think I can have, I attempt to get the best PvP rank I can, so that I can get an awesome PvP pet. I mix that PvP pet to try and get the ultimate combination of talents. The list goes on and on. That way I'm being entertained, and feeling like I'm doing something meaningful, because after all that, I won't just be another legendary wizard. I will be the most powerful wizard of my school that one can be. And that's a claim not everyone can make. Not even legendarys.

-Natalie Lotusthief

Royalwizard said...

answer my question on your next post
i sent you one

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...


I'm not really legendary yet, but when I tire of the endless supply of side quests in MB, I just try new housing challenges, like I'm now working on a maze on the outside of my house. It also helps a lot try to level a pet to epic or put some goals in pvp.

Hope that helps!