Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Interesting New Crown Gear on Test

The new crown gear seemed to be all the buzz on Twitter yesterday in the Wizard101 circles, and it's also definitely being discussed on Central and on other blogs, so I thought I'd throw out some commentary and present them to you all in case you haven't seen them.

NOTE: Remember this is the test realm and all things are subject to change before implementation into the game. So, hey, if you've got a guff with this crown gear, now is the time to speak up!

First up we have the Elven Attire coming in at the price of 1500 crowns on Test.

You know, these are not horrible for level 5 crowns gear. I do like that we have access to fire elf mutates out the door. That should have happened like 3 years ago!

I am a little underwhelmed with pretty much all the looks of the new crown gear. It feels a little like someone just slapped stats on a preexisting outfit and then they stuck it in the game. Why not make the fire elf costume look even more like the costume that the elves on Firecat Alley wear and bump the price a bit? Over sized elf shoes? Exaggerated Robin Hood feather cap? No?

Next is the Puppetmaster gear for 5000 crowns.

If you could cast all three minions from this set at one time, it would be a soloists dream come true. You're definitely not gaining access to minion cards too early with a level 35+ requirement . . . in fact if anything the level requirement on those is five levels too high. The sacrifice minion for pips card is somewhat a waste on this set. By level 30 you're wielding a +power pip wand and the small benefit of cast a one pip death minion back to back with the sacrifice minion spell wouldn't really help you out much for powering up.

The +11 universal resist from this set is VERY interesting and is probably the most awesome feature of this set. The Masquerade look is . . . ok . . . but again, I'm kind of underwhelmed by the look of this set. Meh. Could you at least put some cool pattern or tattoo on that face mask. Yeah, I get that it looks kind of like the puppetmaster, but . . . wouldn't a zoo keeper outfit be just as apropos?

For you sneaky types there's the Swindlers gear for 2000 crowns.

I like this set. Krokotopia is when mobs start putting up shields . . . especially tower shields, so those shoes are pretty nice. I like that they are basically granting us access to a lot of great utility spells from other classes. If you look at the spread here, you have a fire spell, a death spell, and an ice spell all in one set. I dare say if I was a level 15 necromancer again, this would be a crown set I'd spring for.

I like the look, but again, it's recycled. A new look to go with a new crowns set would be amazing. Gimmie a cool gambit look any day.

The lost Ninja Pig outfit is back and better than ever--here is your Baconator outfit going for an astounding 12500 crowns.

Ok, by far the best gear for just heading in the right direction. You've got crit, you've got power, you've got a cool look, you've got universal shielding, you've got a polymorph card . . . this set just does it all.

This set does it for me.

Keep heading in this direction, KI, and you'll make a lot of money. In fact, go back through all this new crown gear and tack on power boosts to ALL of them NOW because that, my friends, is inspiring. Much MUCH more than the old Beastmaster set.

Here's the bird caller set at 3000 crowns for you flighty types.

Meh. The shoes are great for an ice wizard. BUT, imagine this set with large feathers running down the sleeves instead of this recycled Grizzleheim look.

And finally, hello Lifeforce Blade! cha-ching 5000 crowns please!

OH YEAH, look at that compared to my Cursed Staff . . . difference? Block. Nice change. PVP'ers will eat this sword up.

So, that's enough from me . . . what do you all think about the new crowns gear? I hope I wasn't too harsh or sounded too cranky, but I guess I just expect that if they're going to do it . . . why not do it right? Why just tack it on and throw in it the game? Why recycle these looks and not really give us something unique?

You know what set I'd love to see them dump into the game? A blade runner set that has some super awesome blade spell cards on every piece and gives me an Ironman look ala the speed boost shoes. That thing would sell like HOTCAKES, YO!

Here's my next question for readers . . . (first question was what you think of the new crowns gear, remember?) If you were to mix and match different pieces of these five sets, what would your resulting combination be?

Happy Dueling!


Xinaed said...

I really like some of them, but like you, I wish they would have created a whole new look, rather than using the same ol' look that's already available in game. I do like the Fire Elf set stats, and spells, as well as the bird set. However, I've never been one to use crowns for buying gear. :/

Travis emeraldspear said...

Yea i agree, and ki should sell them for gold..

Anonymous said...

So Friendly, when do you think these things will be drops?

Anonymous said...

The Fire Elves gear look is a throwback from the OLD days when the sweet MS Astral Gear was available. I still have the hat, and sadly stitched the shoes forgetting I can't use the original stats again for my baby Necro. Anyway, the old Astral Gear had sweet looking symbols on them, and the shoes (no wonder I stitched them...) look AWESOME. So, KI put some Spiral insignias of the sort on the Fire Elf gear. I just wish they would explain why they took away that old Astral Gear, I guess it was overpowered :) nice suggestions on the cooler looking stuff though. Totally going to buy Lifeforce blade. And don't you hate how fat boy wizards look with the Ninja Suit? Bleh.

Travis emeraldspear said...

Please read my blog because it is important. thank you.

Anonymous said...

With all the 55+ crown stuff you have...

27 attack
18 resist
14 accuracy
30 crit rating (6%)
105 block rating (25%)
100 pet energy

if you're legendary

its nice to block 1/4 critical hits

dakota silverbane said...

Is there a Storm Bird pet? I know there is a Fire Bird pet and I have an Ice Bird but do you know if there is a Storm Bird Pet? Wish they gave the Ice Salamander the spell like the Fire one.

Darby Drake said...

I don't care how awesome that new Life blade is; I am NOT gonna run around The Spiral waving a giant can opener at people...

Anonymous said...


Morgan BearGiver said...

Puppetmaster Apperal and the Ninja Pig Outfit was like totally AWSOME!! But the prob is........

That the puppet master (wich i want for the spell cards) is worthless, a little, because if it is level 35+ it should have about 200 for the hat and robe, then about 100 for the shoes. I can not find any REALY good stuff for when i become level 40 for myth, and then i look at for all schools it has no health :( ! So ya know what i mean? Well anyway, if anyone sees level 40 myth gear just comment me on my blog:


-M. BearGiver

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I mean I agree with Arlen... its enfuriating that they got rid of the old gear. My old ice wizard only has one hat from the good old days when Zeke was in Olde Town. :( This stuff is cool but it stinks.
KI really needs to sell it for gold though. (ALthough the price should be higher for gold... CL gets you to 100,000-200,000 gold in a few months, spoken from experience, I've got two crown houses and a proud lion mount from gold alone.)
Epic blog friendly. :)

Jack Dunestrider lvl 52 Balance