Friday, February 11, 2011

Crit Gear and Pixies Galore

Uber Wife loves Crit Gear. It's kind of her thing. She wants to craft the Celestia Crit Gear for all of our characters, so I am definitely not gonna hold that lady back! GO BAILEY!

Crit Gear basically doubles my crit chance numbers and triples my block chance numbers, so it's definitely fun and high on fun for farming sake.

My only guff is that you lose a bunch of power pip chance. I have to swap out my Briskbreeze ring (which I wear for the +death damage boost) when I wear this crit gear to bring my power pip chance up a little higher; a +21% power pip chance ring seems adequate for that--life is good.

I had to stitch the outfit though; I'm just not really a fan of the hood, sports bra, armband, and moon boot look. /shiver

Seriously, did they fire the guy who originally came up with the outfits for Wizard101 because I'm having a hard time falling in love with the Celestia looks. In fact, I'm not really a fan of the Grizzleheim look either. KI, WHERE DID YOU HIDE YOUR OLD FASHION DESIGNER?! Lack of awesome new fashion is my new number one rant. *snap* *snap* & *snaps that Z*

Making any guy wear a sports bra is a crime. (or would you call that the armored tankini? Either way, I'm not wearing that to the beach . . .)


You can kind of see my new stitched crit gear look in this picture I took to show off my newest pixie friends that have joined my prickly bear cactus garden, which is progressing to elder super fast.

. . . still don't have that insect tablet . . . .

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

i have a question, is there some chance people sell crafted gear at bazaar? or did anybody even get a chance to have a crafted gear droppped from a boss?


Anonymous said...

@ Other Anonymous (XD) Very few people sell the crafted gear at the bazaar, as it is very hard to craft. Also, I do not believe it drops from a boss. Sorry!

- Alexander BattleBlade

Anonymous said...

i personally like the Celestia gear. If you look back at your 'Check This Out 8,' at the Invisible Column glitch, the hat and robe and boots are awesome! Looks like armour and a Witch-Doctor hat!

Travis emeraldspear said...

where do you farm your death clothes friendly? the ones with symbol

Autumn Owlglade said...

*matter-of-factly: it'll be revenge from the girls for giving us too many tight, leg-restricting skirts.

Anonymous said...

@Travis EmeraldSpear. Most clothes with the symbols on them can now be purchased at the WC Bazaar at a reasonable price. For Ex: Keymaster's boots, death type.