Friday, February 4, 2011

Out with the Old Vines, in with the New Cactus!

Here's what my final haul for my Silver Trumpet Vine Garden looked like:

Not bad . . . not bad.

And now I think I'll try my hand at some Prickly Bear Cactus. :) PLANT OF THE DAY!!!

Let's see if I can get some of those mega snacks! I've put a Gnome and a "pile of sand" down by them since I know they like those. I also found out that I need to find a Krok Insect Tablet as well to add to the growth speed. KROK INSECT TABLET HOUSING ITEM OF THE DAY!! ;-)

So guess what? It's time for me to put Manu Narini in the Throne Room of Fire on farm status! I guess that also means a Fire Salamander pet or two in my future as well. ;-)

Looks like there are still a few talents to find on him over on Petnome as well. PET OF THE DAY!!!

Happy Dueling . . . OF THE DAY!!!!! ;-)


Autumn Owlglade said...

where were you farming for 'vines??

Wizzy2daMaX101 said...

I gotz that pet :D

Timothy Battleblade said...

Ya know the bosses in stormriven? those guys drop the vines. Yup pretty sweet stuff I'd say

Tara Darkgem said...

at the plant thing: woaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

how do you have enough energy to tend to them every day haha