Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Angus / Dark Crow / Soccer Star


Someone asked how Angus was doing yesterday, so I logged him on after a long long hiatus yesterday to see what was what with Mr. Unicornpants.  HECK, I even finished a couple more quests with him to get myself reacquainted.  It was a good break, and one that I needed after that grueling run through Marleybone and Meowiarty.

I read a great article a week or two ago about punishing game play vs. challenging game play.  It's a great read.  At some points I have to tell you that choosing to play this way with Angus really feels punishing as I go along.  At first it was challenging . . . now it's starting to get painful.  I would never ask anyone to develop a game that was as unforgiving as playing through Wizard101 with none no clothes on . . . especially in Mooshu against those freaking ninja pigs that cast fire spells.  LOL.

I’m glad I wasn’t recording audio last night during my Angus session.  Such hate was spewing out of my mouth for those Oyotomi Supply Runners in Tatakai Outpost. It's so hard to defend against back-to-back-to-back fire elves.  It took a quick monstrous card + tempest or two to finally get through those DARN DANG DAGNABIT DIDGERIDOO ninja pigs. XD

If I can build up the speed to play Angus again, I will definitely keep you informed on his progress.  Just looking at his quest log, he probably was a little hasty in going to Mooshu, and maybe he should head back to Marleybone to finish up a bunch of little side quests that he skipped.  It might make things like the Oyotomi Supply Runners a little easier. (Easy being a relative term)

Timothy Icegem yesterday asked me if I could YouTube a video of my Dark Crow Derby pet casting up his Dark Crow card.  SURE I SAYZ! HERE'Z ONE FOR YOU KID!

With a little Fire Elemental polymorph on the side . . . felt good to fry a couple Ninja Pigs after playing Angus.

And my final offering today comes from Free Realms, not Wizard101.

Woohoo!  Level 10 Soccer Star, y’all!
If you remember from a few posts ago I was going to go with Pet Trainer as my next job of choice, but come to find out . . . Sony broke their Pet Trainer class. *snicker*  I wonder what they have in store for pets?  I mean, I don’t get into claiming sides between Free Realms and Wizard101 like I’m part of some street gang or something . . . I just like both games actually.  It’s just, I know and you know that Free Realms and Wizard101 are competitors, right?  So I'm now looking at Pets through the eyes of Free Realms vs. Wizard101 . . . It’s kind of a "duh" at how Wizard101 currently blows Free Realms out of the water there. One would expect Free Realms to amp their game in response . . . not break it. 

So, since Thomas Lionbolt of Free Realms will be stuck at level 8 pet trainer until its gets fixed, I decided to give the Soccer Star job a go.

FUN!  It’s a fun minigame.  It’s starting to get a tad difficult, but definitely not punishing by any means.  I’m interested in seeing what levels 10-20 look like. :-)

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

A little disappointing that the Crow's spell doesn't really look like him. On the other hand, that Polymorph makes me realize I miss playing my Fire wizard. (She's been semi-retired since CL came out.)

Travis emeraldspear said...

did you stitch from the royal crown outfit? or is it a critical gear?

Dakota Drakerider said...

Just a question Friendly but, are they making a new world called "candy land" I heard some rumors and wanted to check if it is true.

Dakota Drakerider said...

Hey friendly, I was wondering if there is a new world coming out called "candy land" I heard rumors and I was wondering if it was true, something to do with Professor Greyrose.

flash33 said...

I agree Sierra.

I too was dissapointed that the dark crow spell is basically a sunbird doing death damage (just like some of the other pet spells like death cyclops/troll and life cyclops).

Why spend so much time designing the look of a pet, and give it a unique card, only to have the card be like the normal spell but do different damage?

To me, this is just laziness on KI's part.

Anonymous said...

That's... that's the Dark Crow animation?

How disappointing.

Y'know, I'm beginning to notice a trend on KI's part here. The trend of just recycling old stuff, and slapping new stats on. It's evident in the new crowns gear, and plenty of spells (Life Cyclops, anyone?) Seriously KI, you may have had an excuse to rush when you were trying to get Celestia out, but that time is past. Actually put some effort into your work.

-Natalie Lotusthief

Blaze Stormthief said...


For Angus, I'd advise falling back to Marleybone and leveling up once or twice on the endless harvest of side quests before heading to Mooshu; even with gear on, I had trouble with those tricky ninja pigs.

Best of luck,

Blaze Stormthief


Hey friendly, what is that wand Angus has??

Also, the dark crows animation was disappointing. Well I was hoping a shady background and a crow comes out of a fissure and claws you. Oh well.


brenda said...

Greetings. Your blog has a lovely layout. Did you design the colors yourself? Google recommended to me your blog, and the information was timely and up to date. I would use your RSS feed but the site does not display correctly in Chrome. I was checking continuously this blog!

Stingite said...

@Sierra: I love my new fire polymorph. I got it because uber wife kicked my butt in PvP and I needed a way to get fire resist. ;-)

@Travis: Some stitched critical, some prestigeous gear.

@Dakota: I don't know if candy land is being made, but the rumor definitely came from my blog as Greyrose talked about it being her native land.

@Natalie: yeah, reused skins for spells smacks of unpolished, doesn't it?

@Blaze: yeah. Yeah I probably should do that.

@Talon: That's the starter wand.

@brenda: *laugh* ahhhh spam comments. Hope you got them all cleaned out of your inbox. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wait, Friendly I'm confused. When you turned into a Fire Elemental and cast that natural attack spell, you went to the center of the ring, but the elemental didn't do anything! Is this a bug? Why didn't you attack?

The Overachieving Necromancer said...

I like the music you put in the video!

Travis emeraldspear said...

Do you know when the test realm is coming on live realm? probably a week, thats my prediction.

Anonymous said...

Friendly i also play freerealms i didn't know you did to maybe we can meet in freerealms sometime