Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spooky Bob Clothes and Wizard101 Fonts!

Here's a question and an observation from Belgrim GiantTalon:
Hey friendly, I know you are the all knowing wizard 101 fan *bows in presence*, so could you tell me what this hat and robe are? I tried to see by mousing over them, but they had the clothes "stitched" so I could not know the real name.... Please tell me if you know

Thanks for your time
~ Belgrim GiantTalon level 56 grandmaster necromancer ~

P.S. In an earlier post I saw that you wanted the wizard 101 font, the closest thing I could find was a font called shermlock, just wanted anyone that did not know, it is the closest thing out their.

Thanks for the note Belgrim!

That there be o' couple o' Crowns clothes only available at Hallowe'en from Spooky Bob. The hat is called the Hallowe'en Hat. The robe is called the Hallowe'en Robe. I'll let you guess the name of the unpictured Hallowe'en shoes. DANGIT, think I just gave it away. ;-)

You can find all that information on this page over at the Wizard101 Central wiki.

As for the font, thanks for the tip! Shermlock indeed looks very close . . . maybe just a little thinner than the original. All their real fonts are custom made as far as I know.

Ever made your own font? I did once with a Font program like those supplied by Fontlab. Basically my crappy handwriting in font format. :)

I should redo my blog's header with one of these fonts from Chank. Chank is hip.

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

I wonder where they got the name "Shermlock" from. Sounds like they were trying to combine the word "shamrock" with the name "Sherlock."

Anonymous said...

bad friendly you just cussed in a post!


Friendly, you know that shermlock looks exactly like the font used.

Also, is there any combos with that black cat pet ?? Thanks.


Belgrim GiantTalon said...

Yo, thanks for posting this, ever since i sent this i would check in, i did not expect to find it, when i did i was like, "YAYZ I R SO SPCAL!!11!111!".

Belgrim GiantTalon level 55 necromancer

Ashley SpiritWeaver said...

spooky bob's items for sale at halloween are awesome!!!

especially the black cat

Hannah Moonstone said...

Thank you, now I can use this making things... also, what font did they use for cards? same or different? Hannah Moonstone