Friday, February 25, 2011

Grendel Weed, Money, and Megasnacks?

Preguntas from Elijah Light thief:
1.Friendly do you know where to find Grendel weed?

2. Do you know where you get gold the easiest in Celestia or any where in wizard 101?

3. How do you get mega snack packs besides crowns in wizard 101?

Thanks, Elijah light thief.

p.s. follower of your blog and your blog is awesome
Hey! Thanks for reading, Elijah.

1- Grendel Weed is the rare harvest from a Frost Flower. You can find it mostly in cold places or damp places in the game. Example, there's a Frost Flower node outside of the ice school. Personally, there's only one place I go for Frost Flower, but it's not a secret, so there are always one or two people here jumping servers looking for Frost Flower/Grendel Weed. Take the red teleport stone in Mirkholm Keep and run back to Herkir. This spot:

Here are a couple other tips/suggestions:
- Remember that those Frost Flowers can be transmuted into Grendelweed as well.
- Frost Flower is a Harvest from Evil Snow Peas.
- If you have the money to blow, sniping in the Bazaar is always an option.
- Always consult the reagent map guide when in doubt.

2- The general rule for farming money in Wizard101 is to try and pick a target you can easily kill over and over quickly. The go to mob for farming circa 2008 (and even now) was Oyotomi in Mooshu. Circa 2009 the way to farm was solo bosses (no minion) in Dragonspyre. Circa 2010 the go to mob was the Raven$ in Grizzleheim, and then the drops from the Raven$ kind of dried up a bit, and they became less popular. The "popular" place I find people farming in Celestia here in 2011 are the column bosses in Stormriven.

To me it's like that Column boss area is kind of like the new Kraken Pad. It's out in the open, so there are always people hanging out there and willing to join in. The bosses don't have a minion. You just kind of have to know the tricks to farming them since they are cheating bosses, and you could end up with a cool level 55 wand or two.

Outside of that, I'd say that what I like to do is pick a target that has something in their loot table that I want, like perhaps the Brain Coral or Turtle pet from Tempus Stormfist, and just hit that boss over and over until I get what I want. In the process I'll have made a lot of gold from selling drops I don't want at the Bazaar.

3- Megasnacks? Three weeks ago I would have suggested the Prickly Bear Cactus, but it seems like the harvest of Mega-snacks was nerfed a bit right after the auto-harvest exploit was discovered by KingsIsle.

Basically you can get Megasnacks as a rare harvest from Baby Carrots, Pink Dandelions, and Prickly Bear Cactus. After the current patch goes live, you should also be able to get them from the Elder Harvest of Evil Magma Peas and Deadly Helephant Ears.

Hope that helps, Elijah! And as always, readers, if you have some good ideas for Elijah, please leave them in the comments! Thanks!

Happy Dueling!


James said...

i found a grendal weed by itself. but i dont remember where

Ethan said...

thanks james

Sierra Starsong said...

Not quite mega-level, but you can sometimes get Frosted Drakes Cereal (rank 6) from elder Fickle Pickles and Killer Tomatoes (rank 7) from the Elder harvests of Burning Snap Dragons. (Pickles drop a wide variety of other things as well, including a lot of rank 5 snacks and Dryad and Pixie treasure cards.) On rare occasions I've gotten a Golden Wheat Bread mega from an elder Cornbread Fruit Bush, but that was before the exploit fix.

AngelAngle said...

I have a 'field' of prickly bear now looking for those rare snacks. Guess I'll have to expand and grow more.

Travis emeraldspear said...

maelstrom snap dragon drops it as well... I think. I planted some of them and got a Dragon fruit mega snack

Anonymous said...

Don't let the exploit fix scare you from gardening. Plants can still drop Mega Snacks. I would suggest Cornbread Fruit Bushes. They don't really drop anything good until elder, when they have a high chance to drop Golden Wheat Bread. I got three of these from one plot of Cornbread Bushes!

Leviathan said...

hi angelangel remember me from ravenwood radio sun studyhall episode

Ethan said...

thanks to all you guys for your useful info.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get cornbread fruit bushes?

AxelOblivion said...

Hey, does anyone know the easiest way to get Sunstone? I'm broke so I cant buy any. Thanks!

Ethan said...

I think Celestia bosses in the chancel and in the test of sphers

Stingite said...

@James: really? I don't think I've ever seen that.

@Sierra: Good tip!

@Angel: let me know how that goes.

@Travis: good tip!

@anon: Again, good tip!

@Ethan: you betcha!

@anonx2: Krokotopia.

@Axel: grow fickle pickle I think, and see Ethan's response below yours.

Anonymous said...

i have always gotten maga pet snacks from couch potatos