Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bailey's Definition of Fun!

Hey all, it's a Bailey blog invasion! I'm taking over for Friendly today.

What's the definition of "Fun" you ask? Why, it's clicking and pressing X of course!

Yes, I have been having a lot of FUN lately, and I have managed to get two of my alts to LEGENDARY!!! Here's the gang:

That's Iridian Legend (also known as Captain Pinky--my sorceress), Bailey (you all know and love her ;)), and Rowan Ravenshard (named after the fabulous Ronan Ravenshard, Friendly's biggest fan).

And as every Legendary wizard knows, part of the FUN of getting to that level is doing your level 58 spell quest! It's pretty cool that I've got to experience three of these fights now. I've really enjoyed seeing how each school's battle plays out and the differences with them. So far, out of the three, Fire was still the hardest for me! Balance was surprisingly painless compared to Fire! But, Myth . . . yeah, I will admit that Myth's level 58 fight was a very good fight. I died the first try due to lousy luck with my cards, but on the second time I got my Minotaur minion out, and he was a rockstar--loved me some Minotaur!!

Ya know, in a way, I kinda liked dying in that Myth duel. As strange as that may sound, it gave me a chance to really experience that fight in depth and remember what it was like later and the challenges I had to overcome to win. It's too bad that we cant redo these battles after the spell quest is over. That's why I gotta say, who cares if you don't have a victory the first run at your level 58 spell? Sure no one wants to get defeated in battle, but if you do, it's no big deal. You go back, you make adjustments, and you figure out a better strategy for the next time through. In the end, it's going to be the first and last time you get to do that fight, so just enjoy it.

Anyway, since I haven't posted in a while, I need to tell you that I've been a very busy crafter as well! Iridian and Rowan are both GM crafters and are both sporting their crafted critical gear. WOOT! And, I also have some crafted crit gear I've made for Kyle; it's ready and waiting for him to turn 55, which is definitely next on the agenda! GO Kyle! (Still working on Amber's though :))

And as my better half said in another post, I have everything ready now for the New Celestian Observatory house when that hits live. Just one problem though--I don't know which wizard wants it the most? LOL

So yeah, I could go on and on and tell you all about my countless hours of farming for the Gong of the Oni. (WHY OH WHY do you keep your gong from me Mr. Death Oni?!) Or I could ramble all about how I am loving the new colors for the Fierce Hound on the test realm! But I'll try to save some stuff for another post. XD

Ok, I just have one correction to make to my previous definition of Fun . . . Fun is spending time with AWESOME people *while* clicking and pressing X. :D Here's a BIG thanks to Destiny Mistshard and Blaze for being willing to go much much slower than they normally would to quest with me through Celestia! And thanks to all of my friends who take time to say HI!!

It's my friends (including the "Friendliest" friend of all) that really make this game a FUN experience for me!

Happy Dueling!


Arlen Dawneyes said...

Gratz Friendly! I agree with you on the not-able-to-redo 58 bosses. I wanted to keep testing my skills without a henchman! And my, you have been a very busy crafter. I've only gotten 1 Gong of the Oni in days of farming several weeks as well too. Good Luck!

Stingite said...

hehe, you mean gratz Bailey! But thanks, Arlen. :) That darn gong of the Oni! Too bad I can't sell her one of mine.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I didn't really realize how lucky I am to have one. I got it just when I was doing the actual quest to defeat the Death Oni, just by accident. Well, good luck to everyone else getting one!

Morgan BearGiver said...

Congratz on the friendly family!!

tell them congrats

Anonymous said...

Awee.... shucks! x)

Axeloblivion said...

Ugh, I farmed for like a day to get the Gong of the Oni! Took me forever!

Anonymous said...



Devin Rubysmith said...

My legendary is a GM artisan and my 48 life is a master artisan. It was actually really easy to get almost all of the ingredients for the new celestia house (with the awesomeful dueling circle, I actually learned about it from one of your posts, thanks) except for the 52 sunstones and the 80 fire blossoms. If you want to craft it you can get the golden/pearls and kelp/aether from stormriven hall. By the way, is the gong of the oni a housing item? If so, what does it look like? Congrats on the legendaries! By the way, is the gong of the oni a housing item? If so, what does it look like?

Ronan RavenShard said...

I'm not that fabulous .... am I? ;)

Liam said...

Say... how far in Celestia are Kyle and Amber?
You haven't posted about them in a while. I mean are they even doing Celestia?
Sorry if I missed a post with them.