Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ravenwood Radio 33 & Icywiz Attacks!

Hey! I just got done listening to Ravenwood Radio 33! They have a contest going where you can win a rare pet *cough* Fog Unicorn *cough*.

Shhhh, I didn't tell you this, but the contest information is about this far in:


OF COURSE, the entire podcast is well worth the listen. They digest all the latest updates in the test realm and there's a lot of good segments.

Ohhhhh, yeah, and Christina Icedreamer had one of those "segments" on there this time where she roasts me pretty good. I'm not going to post the entire transcript, but listen to these burns she was giving me :)
"Did you know that Friendly's real wizard name is Thomas Lionblood? Well, of course you did, but I heard that he tried to pick the name Thomas LionPuke but KingsIsle wouldn't let him, then he tried Thomas LionSnot and then Thomas LionPhlegm, and then finally he got an e-mail from Professor Lincoln telling him to stop being gross! What's with the bodily fluids, Friendly?

Did you know that Friendly sports a Teal Mullet? As in the Billy Ray Cyrus business in the front, party in the back, I want my mullet back mullet? And, in Wizard101, Friendly's Thomas Lionblood cartoon also has a teal mullet!

Do you think that Friendly gave Thomas Lionblood a teal mullet to look like him in real life, or do you think Friendly cut and dyed his hair into a teal mullet to make himself look more like Thomas Lionblood?"

Haha! Ok, we'll stop there. OUCH! IT BURNS!

She ends up saying that she's left with more questions than answers and wants an interview with me to clear things up.

What do you think? Should I do it? After listening to that segment, I'm pretty convinced that an interview with Icywiz is like an invitation to a barbecue where I'm the main course. ;-)

Happy Dueling!


Benjamin nightfist said...

its allright your not the only one who accidentaly picked a mullet :D
Benjamin nightfist has one also thats why he wears a hood

Sierra Starsong said...

Think of it as a celebrity roast.

Kevin BattleBlood said...

I second Sierra's post :)

drewsimon said...

You and Icy should have a Final Showdown! It would be climatic and decide who is the better Blogger!

Alejandro Starheart said...

you should be interviewed but ask her a few hard questions as well

Christina said...

What Sierra said!