Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crafting the Winter's Wrath (DDO)

This post is about Dungeons and Dragons Online.

In DDO there is an adventure pack called the Sentinel's of Stormreach, and in various chests of the missions in Sentinel's of Stormreach there are items you loot that you can combine to craft a weapon or a piece of armor that is slightly above the average quest reward.

All of this information can be found over on the DDO Wiki page here.

I gotta say that unraveling the unraveling enchantments wiki page took a little bit for me. I'm a sorcerer who works off of the Charisma score, not intelligence, after all, but it was enough for me to ascertain that the first thing I needed to do was collect the sigils of the goat, lion, and dragon. Those didn't drop like candy like I was hoping, unfortunately. Between the Sunday night static group runs and some soloing, it took a few times running the Bargain of Blood, Black Loch, Storm the Beaches, and Spies in the House quests to get all three. Luckily that wiki page really points you in the right direction.

Sure enough, yesterday, I got my last sigil to drop and finally had all three sigils. WOOT WOOT!

At that point it appeared that all that was left was obtaining the Splintered Winter's Wrath and doing the combine. As the wiki page stated, "Items with the 'Unraveling Enchantments' attribute are found in the The Tide Turns end chest and the quest chain reward list." To me that meant I needed to do that Tide Turns quest and GET MY LOOT!

The static group had that mission unlocked up to hard, and since I'm an insane soloing Sorcerer type, I thought I'd give it a shot with a Cleric henchman in tow. This ended badly on the very final fight since . . . well . . . my cleric and I both ran out of mana. I'd still like to solo this just to say I did, but at that point, there, hovering around as a defeated ghost, it occurred to me that . . . Hey, I wonder if this Splintered Winter's Wrath wand is in the auction house?


You can see where I'm going with this . . . it *was* in the auction house. In fact I bought one for 900 plat, which seemed to be a bargain compared to the others up for sale.

WHEW. Now I had all my components, and I was ready for my final combine, which again was slightly confusing. I mean, I was left wondering, "Wait? Does the final combine happen in the Tide Turns instance or does it happen out in the House Deneith City Area?" Because all it tells you on that wiki page is "Combine this item in 'Visbane's Folly' atop Sentinel's Tower in House Deneith Enclave . . ."

The answer was, as it turns out, yup, in the House Deneith City area there is a little grassy ramp that leads up to the top of the Sentinel's Tower. It's just kind of hidden off to the east of the tower.

I did my combine . . .

And I got my upgraded weapon.


Sadly, after all that work, the stats look great in pixels, but color me a little unimpressed in practice. HAHA. The damage output seems a little weak, but it is nice to add another eternal wand to my collection and at least it seems it's one of the only AoE attacks from an eternal wand before 20th level. It'll also be good to swap in this wand if I'm casting any lower level cold spells for a little boost to damage.

It's cool lookin' and looks like you could roast two hotdogs at once with it. WOOHOO! I'll keep it. :) (plus it appears at max level you can upgrade this thing even MORE and make it truly Epic)

Happy Dueling!

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