Thursday, February 17, 2011

Farewell, Leesha Darkheart, Hello Fallon Deathslinger

It wasn't long or drawn out . . . it was just a quick note that Leesha Darkheart needs a break from Wizard101 podcasting due to time constraints and other conflicts.

It did hit the chatroom a bit and took us all by surprise.

It's usually bad form to screen capture chat and re-post it, but I felt this one was apropos. We will miss you!

I blurred names in that picture so as not to offend anyone, but I left mine. It was my pleasure to meet Leesha in real-life and share a week of GDC sitting next to her when I could. She did a lot for this community, and maybe someday we'll see her back. (She already told me that a Death Students vs. The Trial of Spheres is in order someday.)

Ravenwood Radio quickly rebounded from the announcement when we learned that Fallon Deathslinger would be Leesha's replacement. Fallon has a lot of experience with the game and a lot of passion for PvP. She has a blog with no posts on it btw. But it does tell a little bit about her. And of course, you can follow her on twitter or check out her Diary of a Wizard page.

Welcome to podcast hosting, Fallon!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

All that was all EXACTLY at 7:07

Panglou said...

I'm in there, and we will miss her.

Fallon Deathslinger said...

Thank you so much, Friendly! I am really looking forward to co-hosting :)

kboy said...

Why Leesha! Why are you leaving! If you don't wish to say, that is fine, but please do tell why! Everybody will miss you so much! Please don't go! Atleast still play Wizard101! I am still looking for you in the Spiral!
Your Biggest Fan,
Kyle Skullwlaker


farewell, leesha , you will be greatly missed by the wizard community. Good Luck with all your new adventures!!!
And good luck with podcasting

Again good luck , BOTH OF YOU !!!!!

Richard Shadowstaff said...

HOW COULD THIS BE "Happy Dueling!"?!?!?!?!? We'll miss you :-(

DittoWizard said...

We'll definitely miss Leesha - she was wonderful! I'll always be thankful for her letting me try my idea for 'Daring Aventures of Ditto' on Ravenwood Radio - it was a wacky idea but she was into it, and it's done really well so far. thanks Leesha!!

Anonymous said...

i was in there to i was the one who said i didn't think she would get replaced leesha i'm sure everyone who listens to ravenwood radio will miss you

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Leesha!
We Will All Miss You!

~ Lord Law