Monday, February 14, 2011

Insect Tablet and Status on Amber and Kyle

Heya Super Friends,

So Thomas got his Insect Tablet!

. . . not by farming mind you, although the extra 30-40k worth of loot from trying was nice. No, Destiny Mistshard played benefactor for me and had me snipe one from her reserves. THANK YOU MOTHER MISTSHARD!

Now my Prickly Bear Cactus should zoom with three likes (and hopefully four likes if one of those will get a pixie--all the others went elder).


So we've been getting a number of questions about the status of Amber and Kyle's characters in Celestia. Sigh, see, as a gaming parent you want to give your kids ample opportunity to level their characters on their own if they want to, and we have, but they just seem far too caught up in other stuff right now to want to level their characters.

Amber was kind of like, yeah . . . just go ahead and level mine for me *skips away*

It seems like Kyle kind of doesn't even consider Kyle his main character anymore. If he plays Wizard101 he'd rather just level Sean Ogrehead, his ice character. It's still his character though.

On the other hand, we've got a healer and a storm character right there just waiting to be leveled. ;)

So Bailey and I are going to be leveling Kyle and Amber for a bit and then once again, turning the keys to the car back over to the REAL Kyle and Amber when they're leveled. (And then borrowing them whenever we need DPS or heals hehe!)

Long story short . . . Amber and Kyle (and Myrna too) are currently hanging out in The Grotto. Expect to hear more about those characters leveling up to Legendary in the near future.

Happy Dueling!


jacob said...

Hi friendly! I was looking at your krok insect tablet post and I moticed in the picture you have a dark crow pet, I've been wanting to see that spell for a LONG time and, could you post a video on your blog showing the spell? Please?
Timiothy Frostgem
lvl 35 ice

Morgan BearGiver said...

do you have to save that thing behind cage???


Great job!!, I know you could get that tablet


Anonymous said...

how far is Angus now?

Ashley SpiritWeaver said...

awww the bear cacti are so cute!!!!!

look at all of them haha!

Anonymous said...

I got an insect tablet at the bazaar..... :D

Stingite said...

@jacob: post up with video now!

@Morgan: Nah, he's in there to protect himself . . . the big chicken . . .

@Talon: thanks!

@anon: Tatakai Outpost

@Ashley: IKR!

@anon: WOOT! lucky!