Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Gah. I'm so conflicted.

There's Amber. And that's where she's going to sit. Right there on the third stone ring in front of the Wizard City Spiral Door. She's going to sit there until my daughter logs on and opens the door to Moo Shu on her character for the first time. Despite my temptation to just keep going . . . I think I'll just wait and let her be the one to do it.

My son is still really loving W101. I think my daughter's interest has really waned though . . . especially since the crash of Christmas Presents from Nana-claus (her grandmother is lovingly titled Nana-claus because she over does it on Christmas presents). Who has time for that old game when there's a lot of new things to play with? Can't blame em. Kids love new stuff.

I guess adults are the same way. A lot of the players of this game can't wait for Dragonspyre. It's hard to play the same game over and over when there are so many great games out there. A company's ability to push out code and thoroughly test new content can never match the thirst of some hungry gamers.

I can see it happening now. Dragonspyre is going to come out and some players are going to beat it in under a day or two and then boom. hungry for more. PvP is going to keep them somewhat happy since there's the goal of the PvP gear to shoot for.

Perhaps community sponsored events is the answer?

Whoa. That was a brain tangent there . . . sorry.

So yes, my daughter will be sitting on the third ring. Let's see how long it takes her to go through the door. Maybe tonight? Maybe tomorrow?

I may have to start a new character while I wait . . . hmmmmm . . . balance school is looking hot.

*wanders off muttering to himself*

UPDATE 7 January: Well, I didn't have to wait long! She logged on 6 January and ran around the introductory quests and even went over to Hametsu Village to put out some fires. awesome.


Tipa said...

Grats to your daughter! When she figures it out, anyway :))

Yeah, I'm an adult player waiting on Dragonspyre, too. What can I say? I tried to make and play an alt -- a balance/death wizard, great combo imho -- the game is too linear to really make it worthwhile. It was fun in beta, but went by so quickly when the game was live (but opened up Marleybone, which I'd just started in beta, and Moo Shu, which was entirely new). Going through it a third time... I made it to Krok. Give me that, at least.

Farming bosses was kinda fun until they nerfed Oni loot in Moo Shu. With the gear I wanted all but unobtainable and no xp rewards, it was really a killer for me.

Dragonspyre will take as long as it takes to finish. I agree, though, that PvP is really the focus of this expansion. We'll see how that goes. It's rather fun in a group. 1v1 seems more like a rock-paper-scissors game.

stingite said...

I agree on the 1 v 1 to an extent.

Every Sunday night I play Guild Wars with a group of guys. Over the course of 4 years, we're slowly by slowly taking the game 1 Sunday at a time. We're working on the final expansion now.

At one point I tried to get my sunday night gamer buddies to play the PvP aspect of Guild Wars. At its heart, Guild Wars is a PvP game. In Guild Wars it's all about "the build." People will post the build they came up with and will advertise their strengths and weaknesses on the Guild Wars message boards. There are a lot of really innovative builds out there.

there are both 1v1 builds and there are team builds. I'd be really excited to see some players come together and post some of the team makeups that work the best and in what situations.

What makes guild wars and w101 different is the random aspect of play. yeah, short decks take away some of the randomness, but there is still some randomness.

It'll be interesting to see what happens on the pvp court to be sure.

(more later)