Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Celestia Prediction Follow Up

You may remember my post on "What is Celestia?" No? Go read it.

Keep in mind that this was in fact before ANY INFORMATION WAS AVAILABLE except for the name of the world was mentioned in two quests. That's really all we had to go on as any factual proof of Celestia's existence.

Here's the *brand new* comment I got on that 10-month old thread today:
"i think you put much more thought into this than need be, most likely your predictions will be way off because of thinking about it too hard. Like about the missing jewelry, most likely just coinsidense that they were showing sneak peaks on quests and just happened to be about jewelery, and more that i think you spent too much time thinking about. more examples
great raven
storm or possably a new air element

no offense, i am just saying that too much thought was put into your blog"

My response to that?


Wrong or right, putting way too much thought into something like this is just kind of what I do. At the time I was answering a lot of questions. I felt it was entertaining, and I think at the time it served as a good starting point for a lot of discussion on and outside of my blog.

10-months later, we know a whole heck of a lot more because KI has been leaking more information.

Let's review my predictions from 10 months ago to what we know today:

Prediction: I predict 5 more levels of progression

Truth: There will be 10 levels of progression, BUT, there *are* levels of progression. That was huge at the time my predictions were written. You probably have no idea how irate the community was 10 months ago because we didn't receive any levels with the release of Grizzleheim. The mere fact that we would be getting more levels spoke volumes. Five levels are what we thought we were going to get with Grizzleheim. KI even wrote an apology about it.

Prediction: I predict the introduction of one to three new school(s) of magic (astral magic being the most cited)

Truth: There will be three purely secondary schools of magic. I think that was a pretty good guess myself. Point Friendly. *licks air with finger*

Prediction: I predict Malistaire or Malistaire's ghost will be on the prowl there.

Truth: No, KI is done with Malistaire for a while. /shrug. I was going off of a thread from Professor Greyrose that had stated we hadn't seen the end of Malistaire. Who knows, we may see Malistaire make a return, we may not. I was wrong. /shrug. Professor Greyrose's new mantra seems to be Malistaire was the end of Chapter 1.

Prediction: Since rings and watches are mentioned in both quests about celestia, I predict there will be an emphasis on tinkering or engineering (crafting will take on a new importance there).

Truth: Since 10 months ago, crafting has already taken on new importance with crafted Grizzleheim housing. In a thread on Central it was quoted that we might be seeing crafted pets in Celestia. No one know what else we may see, but, once again, it was a guess . . . because two quests mentioning jewelry was all we had to go on. I'd love to see them do more with it!

Prediction: If celestia is based in the sky, I predict it will be cold based. If celestia is based in the heavens, I predict it will be storm based.

Truth: Pretty much everyone got thrown when Celestia was announced to be an underwater world. All we had to go by was the name, which seemed to indicate something Celestial was in store for us. Little did we know, Beneath the waves the stars still shine. Just as an aside, contrary to what was put in that quoted comment up there, I said nothing about "possably a new air element."

Prediction: Since Mr. Rowley says, "antique," I'm predicting Celestia is an old world that has ancient beginnings and that it started to form before the world broke apart and that it is the farthest world out in the spiral.

Truth: We know that Celestia was an ancient civilization that Thurston Plunkett's Geographic Society spent a lot of effort unearthing. I'd say point Friendly on that one.

Prediction: I also predict that it will be the home of the great raven, who is the sister of Bartleby, that she landed there at the farthest point of the spiral after spinning it with her magic and Bartleby's roots.

Truth: I have no idea if we'll see the great raven in Celestia. Probably not. /shrug I was riffing on the hopes that I'd get to see The Great Raven in a world whose name seemed to point outward and upward. Maybe someday!

Prediction: I predict that the armor sets will all look similar to the current top PvP gear, but there will be many more fashion choices.

Truth: I don't think this anymore. The only reason why I said that is that the name of the pvp gear was commonly called "Celestial" gear. Here's a link to prove it. And as we've seen with the Wayfinder Gear from the Celestia Pre-quest, there's sure to be more fashion choices. That part of the prediction was pretty safe.

One more thing before I let you go: A month or so after I had answered that question, I talked with J. Todd Coleman himself, who had read that very post about Celestia predictions. He let me know then that I was wrong on some of my guesses and right on a couple as well, but regardless it was fun to read. I'm hoping all my readers take that same attitude.

It's all about having fun, right? BRING ON CELESTIA!

Happy Dueling.

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