Saturday, September 18, 2010

Check This Out! (Episode 4)

WELCOME, to yet another episode of CHECK THIS OUT! The blog post where you guys send me stuff and I let others check it out as well.

First up is a theory from Alexis Deathflower:
I was thinking about Malistaire and his becoming a good guy and I was wondering about a couple possible theories of him coming back in other worlds. First do you think Malistaire could come back as a death school teacher to teach us our over level 50 spells? And second do you think he might give out a quest and have a spot in a different world like his brother?

Cool. I wouldn't mind seeing Malistaire come back as a good guy, but I don't know if that'll ever happen. I think Kingsisle might be done with our buddy Malistaire for a while. In the two-year anniversary Q&A with Leah Ruben (Sept/Oct issue of Beckett Massive Online Gamer), Director of Wizard101, she said that they were pretty much done with Malistaire for the time being. Barring any surprises, I don't think he'll be making a return any time soon.

THEN AGAIN, Greyrose has been quoted as saying that we haven't seen the last of Malistaire.


Fun to think about!

Next up is a note from Donna Spellthorn:
Hey Friendly! I've been looking at the Battle Circle lately and I noticed something interesting. For the symbols you have pictures of the Sun, Moon, and a Star. And if you look at one of the outer circles you can find Celestian writing. The only reason I know it's Celestian text is because of the Celestia Quest line. So what do you make of it?

Let me take a look here at that battle circle writing:

Hmmm . . . I don't know. Seems like Celestian writing usually has a little wave crest that goes across the top of the symbols, but this does look similiar. I don't think that's celestian. /shrug Maybe that's a good question for the Kingsisle Answer forum?

Mr. Thunderstaff had a couple more hybrid pictures to share here:

Nice! I *still* need to post pictures of all my hybrids. :)

Next up is a message from Blaze Drakeflame, who started a new fansite on
Hey Friendly!
My wizard's name is Blaze Drakeflame. I'm creating a fansite with my brother. It's called It's still in progress at the moment but I wanted to know if you could recommend it on your site and post a link. If you can that would be great. Just recommend it to anyone who needs help finding a pet (or wants to read Abracadoodle!)
Thanks and Happy Dueling,
Blaze Drakeflame

Nice work! Thanks for the link!

I have a nice letter here from the Ravenhaven family:
Hi Friendly,

I'm sure you remember the Ravenhaven family from this post-

We got to the end of MooShu earlier in the year and took a break for the summer. The attached screenshot shows what we look like at the moment complete with my life mage's Cheatin' Hammer that my Death Grandmaster got from a Gurtok (it does happen).

Last time my daughter wrote in you suggested that as a life mage I should go with fire as a secondary school for Meteor Storm. I can confirm this was sound advice because, as you predicted, we tore up Marylebone and MooShu with Blizzard/Sand Storm/Meteor Strom. I am wondering if taking Myth to Humungafrog would have been better? Meteor Storm does more damage than Humungafrog, but Spirit blade would give a life blade and a Myth blade in one spell, rather than needing a seperate Elemental blade. However, when we use an AoE strategy, I don't get the luxury of casting pip spells- I have to cast on round 3 or everything is dead because Erin (balance) and Amber Ravenhaven (ice) can use powerpips for their AoE spells.

Regardless of which of Fire/Myth people prefer the potential for; round 1 Life Blade, round 2 Seraph is, um, better. But it's a shame! There will be less reason for life to take a secondary other than death to Feint like every other robed goon on the spiral. I am the despairing owner of the Firebloom outfit and the next Marylebone Life/Fire outfit (I can't remember the name) which are both pretty terrible compared with items you can buy from the auction house at lower level.

I like being Life/fire i just wish the game could help me like it more. C'mon KI, you posted a load of changes you had planned for the Celestia release, but 'overhaul of crafted items of encourage character variation' wasn't one of them. It's a missed opportunity.

Thanks for listening Friendly, and obviously you still rock.

~Carlos Ravenhaven


1- Love the cheatin' hammer.
2- Thanks for the update! I was wondering what happened to your team! Nice!
3- Yeah, Myth to Humongofrog might have been a better choice for the sake of the Spiritblade. Hmmm. Have you checked out the skillpoint planner website? Looks like you could go fire to meteor storm and then myth to Earthquake and still pick up spiritblade and spirit trap? Not sure, but messing around with that is always fun. If you've got a few spare crowns you always can drop some money to reassign skillpoints for your character.

Best of luck! (Glad you guys are still having fun!)

And finally is some alarming news from winnicott1001:

Just thought you should know. Here are the links to Christo Deathgiver's post and to my post on Central in the W101 feedback section.

Needless to say I am attempting to fill the gold to capacity at this time.

I enjoy the blog and congrats on your new writing job.

Have a good day.

I think I hear 1,000 Raven$$ farmers crying out a simultaneous "NOOOOOooooooooOOOOOOOOOoOOOO!"

I'm hoping this doesn't go live. I may drop a line to Greyrose and get some further clarification on this. Sigh. The fact that the ravens dropped such good loot was one of the only motivations to finish Grizzleheim. I don't want them to take that away. My wife REALLY REALLY doesn't want them to take that away.

Thanks for the heads up and thanks for reading!

And that wraps up another episode of Check This Out! Thanks for all the cool e-mail, my friends!

Happy Dueling!


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