Thursday, September 23, 2010

Exciting News for Me!

Keeping a blog about Wizard101 for the past two years as a father of now three kids (only had two when I started this mess) has been difficult at times. Trying to give depth, fun, relevance, information, objectivity, and humor on a near daily basis outside of being "just me" (and all the responsibility THAT entails) has been a battle that I'm sure my faithful readers know about.

At first I wrote just to catalog my adventures here and to break into new territory with this brand new, fun, and family-friendly MMO, but obviously it became much much more. After a couple years and a lot of fun (um, and question answering), I'd say that I've helped blaze a community trail and tried to snag opportunities as I went along, and now the road has led me to a trip down to Austin, Texas to write an article about the inner workings of KI, GDC Online, and who knows what?!

When the trip happens, I'll be sure to try and take you along with daily video footage and pictures. I won't be able to share anything that's sensitive with you, but I'm sure stuff like a wall of the front office area of Kingsisle will be ok. *click*

hehe. That's an old picture. :-) Maybe they've changed it now, and if they have, I'll let you know here in the next couple of weeks!

Thanks for being faithful readers of TFN and thanks to those who made my wish a reality! I'm feeling very humbled and grateful right now, and really freaking stoked!! THIS IS GOING TO ROCK!!!!! *pinch* OUCH! I AM NOT DREAMING!

Happy Dueling!


AutumnalDusk said...

Of, anyone in the W101 community, you are the one we look to. You have been "the most important person KingsIsle doesn't have on payroll" for a very long time. You deserve this, mon freir.

Sierra Starsong said...

Congrats on the behind-the-scenes access, you deserve it! Man, wish I could get a couple of posters like that to brighten up my tiny little office. There's only so much off white a gal can take.

Gwinevere said...

Congratulations - You deserve it! Awsome news!

Robert DragonHeart said...

You are so lucky. I wish I could join you. I've been trying to save up some money to get a ticket just to go and take a picture of the building(yes that sounds very lame).

Deni said...

*claps* KEEP IT UP FRIENDLY!!!!!!!

Lost said...

Awesome, congratulations!

Lenora NightWraith said...

Oh wow congrats! Thomas Lionblood finally gets to see where he was born...well sort of lol. You have seriously got to be one of the luckiest guys I know, but you definitely deserve it dude. Congrats again, and take lotsa pictures!