Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Free Realms Likes Giving Me Free Stuff

Every time I log into Free Realms I look down on my login bar and see this little yellow button.

If I click that button, I'm taken to the magical land of Disney-is-everywhere-ville. It's magically commercialized AND delicious!

I can't tell you how many times I've watched that little Tinkerbell trailer. Enough to tell you that on September 21st flying is believing, But wearing my new Lady Gaga outfit makes it all worth it.

OH yeah, lest I forget to mention the daily free wheel in a discussion on how Free Realms gives me free stuff . . . can't forget that. Sure, most of the time it's an old pair of work boots or something, but IT'S FREE!


p.s. added Steven Spiritcaller to my friends list on Free Realms yesterday . . . FAMOUS PEOPLE! Now if I could just get Selena Gomez on my friends list in Wizard101.

Happy Dueling!


Destiny StormStone said...

can I join team friendly? My name is Luna Nightflight.

stingite said...

Sounds cool, Destiny! We should make a time to meet in game for a guild invite. :-)

witchwarrior said...

*high five* Free Realms is cool!

Anonymous said...

I tried free realms and it looked like a cheap knock off of Wizard101, lol.

Not that I am really sure which came first...

Anyways, is it fun? I may have to try it out again.

stingite said...

@Jonah: really? I didn't get a wizard101 vibe at all from free realms. I got more of a kid-friendly WoW vibe. With a huge mish-mash of strange character classes and a seemless world.

Sony is the power behind this game and therefore it had a lot of oomph from the get go since Sony is well-versed in releasing MMOs.

It's easy to get lost in at first in this game since it's open ended. At some point here I think I will have to write a "friendly's guide to free realms" post.

~Jenna the Diviner~ said...

Aww, I love Free Realms! I've played for a while, but I keep forgetting my password and username XD I've created like 4 different accounts, all of them dying. So today I made a new one, and its a fairy too xD...we should meet up sometime :D