Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pictures from Test Realm!

Bailey on the scene guys, and this is what I had time to see today....

Wow.... Selena's song is now in the game....weird

I wish I could have seen the splash!

Herman is AWESOME!

Swimming with your pet is the BEST!

Selena's all like, "whats the spiral YO?" And she is a Ice Wizard? WHUT?

More swimming and a cool vicious fish YAY!

That was pretty fun y'all annnnd a little cheesy in my opinion, but ya know, it might be kinda creepy for me to have a Selena Gomez statue in my house too. lol
But go and explore the rest for yourself I'm sure there is a lot more to see :D

Happy Dueling


Sierra Starsong said...

CD release? Ugh, way to break the fourth wall, KI.

And a Grandmaster Thaumaturge? Yeah, right, not until you've earned it Sister...

Anonymous said...

omg i need to see the test realm!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it does seem a little cheesy, but I the target audience of the game is officially tweens. :)

Soulrider1 said...

There you have it, W101 may still yet survive as "The Lone Wolf" KI made it to be. Pun definitely intended, XD.

As for the test realm, ya'll have fun and I'll go when it's live.

Wolf Winterstaff said...

@Sierra actually, there's no fourth wall to break. The producers explain that Earth exists as a world in Wizard101, but simply a non-magical one. It's where all the player characters come from.

M.W.S said...


wolf talespear said...

Hey friendly and bailey:) it is your fellow pall wolf talespear ;). I have been gone for a while and wow seriously??? Selenna Gomez???? When I think of her I think of like tv and stuff but a video game?? Well good advertising I guess on her part :) I have my current computer privliges taken away (groan) and I and skipping a grade in my (literally) and I need to focus when I get a good grade I will consider getting wizard101 back

--The Death Dominator

Paige MoonShade said...

I love swimming with pets I think I have tested each and every pet.
Off to try out more ;)

witchwarrior said...

Jenna: *victory dance for the new ice wiz*

Blaze said...

I did the quest last night and have to say it was a lot of fun. I loved swimming with my pet and went back to do it again later in the evening. (Who knew wraiths could swim?) Too bad you can't redo the whole instance.

I have to agree with Sierra Starsong about the Grandmaster Thaumaturge reference. That added nothing to the story and I don't want to see that title used loosely.

A little heavy-handed on the cross promotion? (One too many references to the CD.) Sure, but was still very entertaining and ejoyable.

A tip for all the higher level wizards: Don't forget to remove those buffs and rank six and seven spells from your deck for this one or you'll find yourself spending three rounds just waiting to defeat an oponent with 150 life. (Embarrassing!) The quest is for level 6 wizards and up so rank 2 and 3 spells are plenty.

Blaze Deathcaster