Thursday, September 2, 2010

Go Claim Those Birthday Present Transformations Today!

When you log in today, you should check your gift icon down there in the lower left! (I always have a gift icon showing myself because I have a backlog of gifts from playing Wizardblox.) Anyway, what you'll find in there is a ninja pig and a treant transformation potion from Kingsisle.

Check out the Ambrose realm in the Commons this morning LOL.

I have to say that the presents this year are already getting more awesome! We never got cool birthday transformations last year! All we got was a hat! (I bet you we get another hat tomorrow! I BETCHA!)

Be sure to click over to the Wizard101 News page and read about the birthday fun as it unfolds this month! September is going to be awesome! WOOT!

Happy Dueling!

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