Friday, September 3, 2010

It's not going to be Justin Bieber . . .

YO! So I was reading the producer's letter in the recent newsletter, and it's a good one, once again. You should definitely read that! Here's a quick cut and paste that I just wanted to point out:
We're looking forward to getting more information out about the upcoming updates soon. I know... no fair, but I have to give our team of marketing sorcerers the first crack at announcing the really cool stuff! So stay tuned... I’ll be able to say a lot more in next month's letter. We appreciate your patience while we take the time to make Celestia the coolest world yet. Things are coming together, plans are becoming reality... but there is much more to be done.

Before that, though... we have an amazing special guest visiting the Spiral! I can't tell you who it is yet, but we’re thrilled about her visit! Keep your eyes peeled for news and updates coming soon!

One word of interest in that last paragraph . . . "her." AFAIK, Justin Bieber isn't a her . . .


OH, here's another great cut and paste from that article with my comments interspersed:

1- "Last (but certainly not least), we're trying to incorporate fixes to legacy issues or those little 'thorn in your side' issues."

I LIKE FIXES, and I definitely don't like thorns in my side. Every time I get a thorn, in my side, it's like "ow! Thorn in my side!" . . . continue, Leah . . .

2-"Ever sold an item you spent a whole bunch of crowns on?"

Yes. Yes, I have. No. No, it was not fun.

3- "We're going to make sure there is a confirmation for that (and that it's defaulted to “No”)."

WOOTS! (My kids will still find a way to sell it, but that's cool.)

4- "Tired of your Life Minion healing itself when it doesn't need to?"

Not really . . . I'm more tired of my Life Minion casting imp and breaking my traps.

5- "We know that stinks, so Minions are getting some love."

Awesome . . . but, seriously . . . make them forget imp would ya?

6- "Are dye costs breaking your bank?"

Not really . . . but I can see where you're going with that given the wayfinder scheme and all . . .

7- "We're reviewing those, too."


8- "Is selling and buying one reagent at a time getting you down?"

Well, I don't know if I'd call it "getting me down" per se . . .

9- "Us too... so we're fixing it."

I like the way you're thinkin!

10- "This is just a taste of what's in development for the next few updates!"

Tastes of stuff is GREAT! I love going to the ice cream place and sampling all the chocolate stuff and then ordering vanilla. Just kind of throws 'em. I'm crazy like that.

Thanks for the cool producer's letter!

Happy Dueling!


Tipa said...

I have used Science to determine that the special teen idol quest person is Sandra Bullock.

Sierra Starsong said...

The "thorn in my side" line reminds me of my fire wizard, Shannon RoseTalon (cousin of the Starsongs). She's all cutesy girly, down to her pigtails and her rose pink bedroom - until she needs to show her thorns.

Zitio said...

Justin Bieber is too a her! Sorry, I couldn't resist saying that... Anyway, congrats to winners! :D
-Rowan DragonBright

Cole Liongem said...

i bet it IS going to be Taylor Swift cuz on twitter KI asked what do you think Taylor Swift's favorite school is?

Stephanie said...

Don't get rid of imps, they are very helpful in pvp! Break traps when my opponents put them on I

SorionHex said...

D= I hate Justin Bieber T_T Excited to see who the star is now. =]

Anonymous said...

It has to be Justin Bieber, because it is SO obvious he is a girl.

Anonymous said...

Its Selena Gomez

Anonymous said...

It's Silena Gomez, it says so on the little log in pop up thingy