Monday, September 27, 2010

FW: Wizard101 - Celestia Wallpaper Reveal #13

Hey! I was thinking it was about time for another Wallpaper reveal! Here's
the message from Professor Greyrose:


Attached please find that latest update to the Celestia wallpaper.

This update may be a little hard to find, but when you do, you'll smile :)


I see it! Do you?



Happy dueling!


Mystico said...

sea turtle pet!

Lost said...

I see it. You're reference of 'Noggin/Dude' helped me figure out what I was looking for.

I had thought that was what that shadow was, and it is, just that.


Sorry if this is posted twice, but this page keeps giving me errors, such as service unavailable.

Anonymous said...

i wont tell anyone, Friendly! don't worry!

Here's a hint for everyone having trouble;

Look to the right

Zitio said...

Friendly! You've watched Finding Nemo?! Nice.

SorionHex said...

Ugh... I thought it was a seal! D=

Fist of Fire said...

So now we have a starfish and turtle pet :D

I can't wait until the guy in the front is revealed. We're so close!

Anonymous said...

mystico! you gave it away!

anyway, can't wait till Celestia!

impatientwiz said...

WE ARE GETTING IMPATIENT ARENT WE??? WE WAITED LONG ENOUGH RELEASE IT NOW!!!!!!!!! ps friendly do you like my kitty better =^.^= or my monkey better @^_^@

katherine said...

sigh, five more people/animals to be released. i hope the bosses their arent too hard! the guy at the front kinda creeps me out and uh friendly you know how the ianthine spectre, crabling, and seraph say crowns only? do ya think they will be for sale when celestia is out cause i want a seraph really really badly ^_^

Anonymous said...

ok so who do we fight for the pet?