Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ravenwood Radio . . . Episode 25!?

Wow, there's 25 of these things now? Ahhh, memories of Ravenwood Radio 5 . . . that was fun! I was uber excited.

If my daughter doesn't kick me off of the computer I will definitely try to be in the chat room tonight. Remember, that's recording live tonight at 8:30 pm CST. Hope to see you guys there or catch you at the after party. :-)

Happy Dueling!


Cole Liongem said...

hey Friendly, i know this has NOTHING to do with Ravenwood Radio, but in the news box on the log in box, I think you'll find something that interests u. *cough* *cough* FREE LIGHTNING BAT *cough* *COUGH* *gag* *choke* *wheeze* ... ahem. sorry.

Seth Titan(Thunder)Whisper said...

Think KI might make it so you hold you wand/sword on your shrk mount.

Blaze Deathcaster said...

After seeing how you get mobbed at the in-game party afterwards, I feel like saying something, but I'm not sure what. Either "On behalf of all Ravenwood students, I'm sorry" or "You're a heck of a good guy for putting up with it, thank you". Let's go with the latter. Strange how even in the virtual world, we all get a little star-struck.

Deni said...

Um ... friendly... your missing a pet on your pet list ...

Scarlet DB said...

XD cole.
and also friendly i have a favor
you see i have a contest, scarlet 's piggy contest.
if you please dont mind, i would like a nice amount of people.
Please? XD