Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Future housing items of the day from Crab Alley?

I did a little swimming around last night while doing my Selena Gomez quest, and tried to look at the little objects around Crab Alley that maybe someday, somehow could possibly become housing items at some future point in time.

How'd you like to own a record player?

(or a hormoniogram or whatever they call it). How would you like to be able to go into your house and have a record player that you could assign a few select .mp3 files to? Oh man it would be awesome! Dance party at your house!

And no party would be complete without a disco ball . . . or this shinier crystal ball item.

If only you could float that upside down somewhere in your house. We have a crystal ball housing item like this now in game, only it doesn't glow as far as memory serves.

Red Coral explosions:

There was also some green coral around Crab Alley, but it was far less dramatic than these blooms.

Table full of presents:

I wouldn't mind some variety in present sizes. I think all we have now out of that pile is the little red present with a bow in front. It's a crowns item too if I remember right.

The Ace of Cakes Wedding Cake, of course:

Deeeeeliciously awesome. I doubt they'd put this in the game for us to have as a housing item, but I wouldn't mind one of these in my party room.

Intricate Flower Vase:

Tucked away in the shadows of the Selena room, there was this foo-foo grandma-looking vase that looked really nice. I'd put it in my hot tub room in my death house for sure.


So, if I could only choose one out of all those to be future housing items, I'd go with the record player! They could make it an interactive housing item too, which is something else I think we'd like to see more of in the future, right? Couches that you can actually sit on. Record players you could play. Statues that would flex when clicked. That kind of stuff. (Thanks Caleb for reminding me about the mannequins) What do you think?

Happy Dueling!


Shady said...

lol I don't think that they'll be housing items because if you read the thing when you click on wiz on the computer, it says it's a limited time quest so....yeah

Blaze Deathcaster said...

I took a little different, maybe more optimistic, approach to finding new housing items. I walked around the room to see if any options to take an item popped up. None did. Too bad..I really wanted a puddle.

Sierra Starsong said...

I want one of those record players even if it doesn't do anything. I doubt they'd let you play your own MP3's on it (someone might play something with explicit lyrics) but I'd like world-themed tunes, Mooshu or Griz background music.

The floral vase would go great in a Life student's house. I've got that same vase with a Potted Fern, there's an empty version too.

@Blaze - I went around trying to pick up stuff too, just in case.

Lost said...

I wanted those presents myself, lol. No idea where I'd put them, just wanted them. Never thought about the record player thingy though. That would be much better than the presents. Unless the presents would open up in to something totally awesome when you'd click them. Like, some rare celestian pet!

@Blaze -Haha, that would be funny to have a puddle. I know just where I'd put it too. :)

Caleb SilverFlame said...

Nice! But they already have an interactive housing item. It's the mannequin, you can dress it with your clothes.

See ya in the spiral!

kristen willowshield said...

cool i want to interact with my furniture it would be fun! and the wooden guard tower would be nice if it would let us go inside it and same with the tents doncha think friendly? i would like to see it in the future <3

Anonymous said...

they could have pet furniture like on club penguin and our pets could sleep in it and stuff like i could give my heckhound a pet bed and a food bowl that would be cool :)

stingite said...

@Shady: /shrug you never know?

@Blaze: hehe, yeah, I was pressing X all around the place just hoping. :)

@Sierra: I agree. Maybe not your own .mp3's, but other music from the game for sure. I'd like the dance music from the dancing mini-game to be available in my house. :-)

@Lost: OHh! Clicking presents for prizes . . . I like where you're going with that.

@Caleb: RIGHT! Dang, forgot about that in my early morning haziness.

@kristen: Nice thinking. yup.

@anon: Pet furniture! YES!

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Did you notice the weird drips of water in the boss tower? I want one of those in my house. Puddle jumping!

Anonymous said...

Lol, my grandfather had a record player like that. He tossed it away in favor of a 1927 style Victrola. When he passed on, I was given the Victrola and over 300 78's to go along with it. And yes, it still works if you wind it up! I wonder if they will make an mp3 version of it!

Wish I could put one on a table in my houses online!

Rogan Firehammer

Lyssie Silverheart said...

if they added couches you could sit on I so would come back to wizards :)

~Jenna the Diviner~ said...

Thats just awesome! I hope those are housing items :D :D :D