Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Voting for Wizard101, it's easy.

You know, there's a lot of things that are easy to do. Breathing, breathing is super easy. Pressing the "f" button on my keyboard is easy. Here, let me give it a go . . . f. I liked that. It was easy. f. f. f. Yeah, I could get used to that.

Here's something else that's easy: http://www.gdconlineawards.com/audience.php

Click that link above, type out that Wizard101 is your favorite game, put your email in, and click Cast Your Vote.

HEY, easy. Not as easy as typing "f" because of all those other letters, but relatively painless.

Now for the e-mail confirmation . . .

wow, super easy. hmmmm . . . how many more e-mail addresses do I have . . .

Best of luck Wizard101! You got my vote!

Happy Dueling!


M.W.S said...

Sweet! I voted!

Wolf Battleshield said...

I voted also.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I voted and forwarded the e-mail to Wizard101. (Because it told me to forward it to them after I voted) But how do I know that I forwarded the mail to Wizard101 successfully? Will Wizard101 tell me that I have successfully forwarded the e-mail to them? Please help!