Friday, August 14, 2015

#Blaugust Day 14 -- Dailies, A Bitter Sweet Symphony?

Once upon a time I was chatting it up on Twitter. (This is how all good stories begin.) I was gabbing about Wizard101, and I said something to the effect that "MAN, I really wish Wizard101 had daily quests." I think it was around the same time I posted this post entitled, Do a Dallop of Dailies.

COME ON! That's like the best blog post title ever . . .

(Side note: My favorite comment on that video is, Why did my name have to be Daisy?")

Anyway, while I had a catchy commercial jingle in my head, I had another person reply to me on Twitter something to the extent of "The grind! It's a bitter sweet symphony, am I right?" (that so was not a direct quote . . . ) And suddenly I was watching and listening to this old song again, I kid you not, for like a week afterward. (This song and I cross paths sometimes and linger on for a while.)

It really made me stop and think about dailies. For some it's "something to do" and for others it's just a frustrating run on the treadmill. It's partly about attitude, but once the magic is gone from an MMO for you . . . it's just something that solidifies the aspect of "This is super boring."


This morning, in Guild Wars 2, I'm looking at my list of dailies right now, in fact . . . shall we finish them? Lets!

There are 13 of them and to get the daily completion flag, I only have to do three of them.

- Daily Engineer or Necromancer Winner (PvP win)
- Daily PvP Rank points (Earn 50 points in PvP)
- Daily PvP Reward earner (earn 1 rewards from PvP)
- Daily Maguuma Vista Viewer. (Go click a vista point -- DONE!)

-Daily WvW Objective Defender (Defend a castle, keep, or tower in World vs. World)
-Daily WvW Big Spender (Go spend 25 badges of honor -- DONE!)

- Daily Kessex Hills Event Completer (Complete 4 events in Kessex Hills)
- Daily WvW Caravan Disrupter (Destroy an enemy supply caravan)
- Daily WvW Camp Capturer (Capture supply camps)
- Daily Inquest Golem Mark II (Go beat the inquest Golem Mark II world boss)
- Daily Warrior or Elementalist Winner (PvP win)
- Daily Kryta Miner (Gather 10 ore from mine nodes in Kryta -- DONE)

LOL Of course I chose the easiest ones. ;)

If I really wanted to, I could go back through that entire list . . . and i'm sure many do. It's "directed" play that gives you decent rewards and gets you out into the world where you may bump into other players, etc. I like Guild Wars 2's daily system, but I keep going back to that Bitter Sweet Symphony song . . . 

Games without dailies, like Wizard101, usually means that you're in charge of your play. YOU direct where you want to spend your time and you're not following a company's treadmill suggestion. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! But let's be honest, dailies in Wizard101 are generally hatching pets; checking gardens; farming for gear, jewels, and reagents; and clearing out your side quests. ;)

So leave me your thoughts (I keep hoping people will start commenting on my blog again):

1- What are your favorite types of dailies . . . do you go for the easy ones like I just did?
2- What game do you think has the best dailies? (that older post I linked to up top talks about Rift dailies and WoW dailies)
3- Is it a Bitter Sweet Symphony?
4- Other thoughts, my friends?

Happy Dueling!


This post is part of the Blaughust challenge -- Thanks to Belghast from Tales of the Aggronaut for hosting. 


Chrissy The Blesser said...

Hmmm Dailies can be fun, but since I am relatively new in GW2, half of them, I have no clue what they are talking about and just do the easy ones lol. I figure if I have to go internet hunting to figure out what the heck I am supposed to do, then they didn't give me the right tools to learn the game.
Wizzy dailies? Yea I have several that I just sign in to tend the gardens for those precious pet snacks so I can eventually spend time on those mind numbing games and raise up another critter.
Pirate....Companion clicking and seeing what goodies they have brought back. I admit that as satisfying as it is to complete a daily task I DO love the freedom to think. "Hmm what shall I save, destroy today" aspect without that slight guilt of leaving tasks uncompleted because I have no understanding or interest in them. Both have their benefits and headaches but they both achieve the goal of keeping my brain busy and hopefully connecting me with a few of my net friends and family.

I love posts that make me either giggle or think and you generally get me to do both. Thanks :D

Knifesedgegames said...

1- What are your favorite types of dailies . . . do you go for the easy ones like I just did?

I tend to avoid anything that feels grindy. The Hytbold dailies in Lotro I enjoyed as they were so varied, but eventually it got to a point I was herded into doing dailies for just one faction and it got boring very quickly.

2- What game do you think has the best dailies? (that older post I linked to up top talks about Rift dailies and WoW dailies)

I do like the options of different dailies and GW2 but tended not to chase them very often.

3- Is it a Bitter Sweet Symphony?

It's nice to have something to focus on if you are either overwhelmed by the amount of content or have nothing better to do, but can get old very quickly for me.

4- Other thoughts, my friends?

The Drugs Don't Work

Stingite said...

@Chrissy: If you ever have any questions while in game, lemme know! We could even do some dailies together if you'd like. ;) Thanks for your comment!

@Knifesedgegames: I'll have to check out those dailies in LOTRO. I think I did a couple of them and wrote about them on my LOTRO-centric blog. (If you click the Happy Dueling icon above it'll take you to another link where my older blog is archived.) Good to see another comment from you here, Knifey! 'Preciate you coming around to say hello and join in the fun!

Through the Spiral Gate said...

1. I personally like the easy dailies, mainly because the difficult ones can take me hours to solo, and that's an easy way for me to get burnt out on a game.
2. I don't really have a wide array of MMOs in my repertoire honestly, but I do enjoy Combat Arms daily missions because you're rewarded with free 7-day premium gear (like guns and explosives!), which can really help kick butt in game. It's especially helpful because most people on there play using premium weapons so doing the daily missions helps level the playing field for those who don't really have the money to spend on the game. If W101 had something like that I'd be in hog heaven.

3. No change I can change I can change I can change but I'm here in my mode but I'm here in my mode... God I miss the 90s >_<

4. BUTTER TOOOAASSSTT. Idk, my minds drawing a blank :P

Stingite said...

@Through the Spiral Gate: Yeah, I'm with you. I like easy dailies, but if the time sink is worth the reward, then I might do that instead.

Thanks for bringing up Combat Arms.


RaltsMaster said...

Dailies are what make Maplestory fun - I've seen people do videos on their daily boss runs and they talk about how they get together with guilds and run through Root Abyss or whatnot. I agree Wizard101 (or Pirate101, which would make that game more popular) would benefit from having daily bosses.

Also, Maplestory just implemented a new "Sudden Mission" aspect - characters over Level 32 will randomly be told "go kill 100 monsters near your level" or something like that and have half an hour to do it. If Boochbeard popped up in Pirate101 and said "Yo, go hunt 100 Waponi Moles and you might get some free EXP and loot!" people would hop on it like white on rice. ^_^

Not only that, if Wizard101 and Pirate101 had attendance check like Maplestory, the people would log on more often - in Maplestory, there are attendence check events where you log in every day and kill 200 monsters which are around your level, you get rewarded for the hunt with event coins, rare items, and even rare coupons to expand your inventory!

If I got 100 Crowns a day for logging in and hunting 200 Fire Elves, I'd play more. But I know KI isn't Nexon so it's just a suggestion. Still, it'd inject some life into the games. New worlds and quests are fun, but only for a brief time. KI needs more events every month to make the games fresh.