Friday, August 28, 2015

#Blaugust Day 28 -- Discussion Point: Goals in Online Games

After finishing up Zojja's Razor the other night, I started thinking about how I arrived there. It wasn't like I had a guild directing me to craft the Razor so I could begin raiding with them or anything like that. (*cue raid guild requirements discussion somewhere in the distance) No, this was of my own volition and a goal I had set myself.  When I look at my own play of MMOs, it's really easy for me to see how setting a goal is what sets me on fire, and meeting those goals is something I like to advertise. hehe. Because it's fun!

If I don't really have a goal in a game when the run of the level cap has already been obtained, then I find a different game, or pursue after another goal. You know, like real life goals . . . like, uh, clean up the house or um, pay the bills.

Anyway, so my current game goals seem to be this:

- Fully finish the Khrysalis 2 story line in Wizard101. When I hit level 100 in Wizard101 and finished up Darkmoor, that felt like I had met my goal . . . but I really would like to see the rest of the story.

- Finish Pirate101 with my third pirate.(I've been sitting on this for far too long)

- Build my Friendly Necromancer deck in Hearthstone. (This one is hot on my agenda)

- I don't know if I'm fully ready to commit to getting that epic weapon in Guild Wars 2 or not . . . probably not . . . more thoughts on that later.

- Download and play Wildstar when it goes free to play. (Because it always looked fun to me.)

- Download and play Skyforge. (Because I have a couple friends playing it.)

- Make it through the tutorial for Heroes of the Storm. (Done!)

Woot!  Goal achieved! Oh, I can feel the greatness already pouring through me like little back up guys heading to their ultimate destruction in a pathway of death. (It's a very specific feeling)

Anyway, Goals . . . GOALS . . . are a funny thing. I talked about company directed "daily" goals a bit back, but I didn't focus much on the goal part of it . . . I was focusing more on the good vs. evil part of it.

In the comments to that post, Raltsmster made a very interesting statement, "If I got 100 Crowns a day for logging in and hunting 200 Fire Elves, I'd play more." I think what he speaks to there is the idea of "reward." I think my earlier statement, "meeting those goals is something I like to advertise" also speaks of "reward" because as a natural braggart (lol -- I mean STORYTELLER, yeah, STORYTELLER not braggart) I value the story behind the achievement!

I'll never forget when I was young, my mother used to tell me to find a way to reward myself after I made a personal goal. Whether it was a bowl of ice cream after a grueling session of studying for a test, or some TV time . . . or whatever. If I kept whatever small motivation I had in the back of my mind, then reaching the goal and feeling even better about it would help.

I also remember learning somewhere (can't remember this exactly and don't have time to look it up or research it right now *hugs blaugust*) that the most successful people in the world took on several challenges that had several medium to hard difficulties but not one giant challenge with an extreme difficulty. (*cue Epic Weapon in GW2 discussion somewhere in the distance: it's not the difficult, just buy it with real world money -- LOL RIGHT! LIKE I'M STUPID! WHAT A WASTE OF REAL MONEY! I HAVE BILLS TO PAY, PEOPLE!)

I know there are studies done on Goal Setting, but applying them to MMO objectives in this blog post seems silly. Really the end goal should be to have more fun and the last thing I really want to do is apply Edwin Locke's scientific papers to anything having to do with having fun in MMOs. Cripes.

Anyway . . . what was this blog post about?  How about: How to find success with fulfilling moderately difficult goals in MMOs through Goal Setting. Sounds legit to me!

Have at it people . . .in the comments:

1- What's a recent goal you completed in an MMO?
2- Did it feel awesome?
3- Did you reward yourself?
4- What's your current goal and why is it important to you?

Happy Dueling!


This post is part of the Blaughust challenge -- Thanks to Belghast from Tales of the Aggronaut for hosting. 


RaltsMaster said...

Thanks for pointing out my comment. Maplestory seems to use the reward system very well - it motivates you to log into the game with your characters and fight an endless slog of mobs for something good. Wizard101 and Pirate101 really need to implement that. I mean, probably not crowns like I had mentioned but maybe something like a free elixir or something that will help in adventuring.

(They could also do double experience coupons too but let's not get too crazy. ^_^)

Small goals with a nice reward for completing them is always a good thing - my mother promised a reward of 200 dollars if I lost 25 pounds, and my gym trainer said we should try to make it happen before Christmas, so yeah, it's tough but it's important to remember what you are working for.

I managed to get $215 for a new Playstation Vita bundle due to many many days of taking care of four rowdy dogs, and I had to walk to the game store down a street which was torture in 105 degree weather, but it was worth it.

And now, you've inspired me to make my own game goals:

Wizard101: Create an account of Chris Wizards(similar to Blaze and Blue's accounts) in prep for Polaris' arrival in late fall.
Pirate101: Create a personal avatar pirate and get him to the end of the current storyline in Aquila with a huge bevy of a crew and
awesome gear. ^_^
Maplestory: Start off on a fresh clean server, create Link Mules and link them to my personal avatar in prep for Freud's Journal Season 2.
Disgaea 3 VITA: Get to Stage 7-3 and get started on creating The Knights of Evil(play on the Cygnus Knights) to rival Yuffie(super thief
on my original PS3 Disgaea 3 who one-shotted Erygni Baal DX) and get to work on the VITA trophies.
Ratchet and Clank series: Get Platinum on Up Your Arsenal and get started on A Crack in Time.
LBP series: Finish up LittleBigPlanet2's story mode
Purchase and play Disgaea 4 VITA
Purchase and play LBP VITA

Stingite said...

@Ralts: Nice! It's been a long time since I played Maplestory. I'll have to fire it up again at some point.

Best of luck on your goal of losing some weight! Sounds like she's given you some solid motivation.

WOW! 4 dogs!!

I dig your list, man. Solid goals.

RaltsMaster said...

I switched out Maplestory for Kingdom Hearts - COMPLETE PROUD MODE IN KHFM. That Proud Player trophy's face of Kairi haunts me. :(