Sunday, August 2, 2015

#Blaugust Day 2 -- Angus beats Optio in Celestia? What?

So, if you aren't familiar with my Angus UnicornPants challenge, here's a link. (In short, it's my solo storm wizard that I play with no clothes on and only a starter deck and starter wand -- he beat Malistaire) If you are familiar with Angus, then you know I left off at Optio in Celestia scratching my head after several defeats. It left me thinking . . . maybe I should rethink the Angus Unicornpants challenge in Celestia. But I also left off with this thought, "Polymorphs seemed to be the answer to wearing no gear since they supposedly have their own statistics."

So today, while harvesting my Evil Magma Pea Garden, I got an idea from the harvested Ninja Pig Polymorph card I saw on my window . . . said I to myself . . . I wonder, self, if the Ninja Pig Polymorph might stand up to the challenge of soloing Optio with Angus?

It was a bad idea. No definitely not the Ninja Pig Polymorph, but then I started to think. I remember not being able to buy cool Polymorph treasure cards with Angus, but I was able to trade polymorph treasure cards to him . . . so . . . mind blown.  THIS MEANT I COULD TRADE DRACON AND TREANT POLYMORPHS TO ANGUS!

And trade I did!

I started out with one treant polymorph and one dragon polymorph. This ended in defeat, but I had got farther than I ever had got before.

The beautiful thing about the Treant polymorph card has always been that final cast of Regenerate right before getting out of the polymorph. This tactic remained as awesome as ever.

The beautiful thing about the Dracon polymorph is the potential to stack up a big hit. You get a bubble up with the Ignite spell, you break a shield and lay a trap with the Cursed Flame spell, you blade up, you trap, and then the 4 pip Firezilla hits a big POW with a lot of efficiency.

It took two Treants and three Dracons to crack that evil Optio Crab in two!  Here's the round-by-round play-by-play

round 1 - Snow Shield
round 2 - Snow Shield
round 3 - Water Elemental
round 4 - Fortify
round 5 - Polymorph Treant
round 6 - (stunned / pip build)
round 7 - Regenerate
round 8 - Guiding Light
round 9 - pass / pip build
round 10 - pass / pip build
round 11 - Regenerate
round 12 - Snow Shield
round 13 - Fortify
round 14 - Polymorph Dracon
round 15 - Ignite vs. crustacean minion
round 16 - stunned / pip build
round 17 - Fireblade
round 18 - Firezilla vs. crustacean minion (dead crustacean)
round 19 - Cursed Flame vs. Optio
round 20 - Firezilla vs. Optio (fizzle)
round 21 - Polymorph Treant
round 22 - Regenerate
round 23 - Spirit Armor
round 24 - Guiding Light
round 25 - Pass / Pip build
round 26 - Pass / pip build
round 27 - Regenerate
round 28 - Polymorph Dracon
round 29 - Cursed Flame vs Optio
round 30 - Fireblade
round 31 - Firetrap
round 32 - Firezilla (fizzle)
round 33 - Firezilla vs. Optio (1000 damage)
round 34 - Firezilla vs. Optio (495 damage)
round 35 - Wild Bolt vs. Optio (50 damage -- hehe, tested my luck)
round 36 - Water Elemental
round 37 - Sprite
round 38 - Polymorph Dracon
round 39 - Cursed Flame vs. Optio (230 damage)
round 40 - Firetrap
round 41 - Fireblade
round 42 - Firezilla vs. Optio (2000 damage)


So, that's that . . . it's on Celestia!  I highly doubt I'll be able to say (as I have said so many other times in the past) "Your gearz don't matter none," but I'm a little bit further in the Angus story line than I was yesterday

Happy Dueling!


This post is part of the Blaughust challenge -- Thanks to Belghast from Tales of the Aggronaut for hosting. 


Chrissy The Blesser said...

Your genius never ceases to amaze me. What a perfectly fabulous idea and carrying out of said plot. Would be fun to see some polymorph wars videos too :D
Well done and lovely screenshots.

Stingite said...

Thanks, Chrissy! I'll have to work out a video for Angus's next battle.

Seth Vint said...

First off, this new background is gonna take some getting used to (I'm so used to the classic black background that it threw me for a loop when I came here today).

Second off, POLYMORPH POWER!!! If you ever need some tips on Polymorphs let me know as I consider myself a Moon School Expert. You can find me on both 101 Centrals and on Twitter as well.

Good luck with the rest of the Angus challenge, you'll need it.


Stingite said...

@Seth: hehe! Yeah, I'm still not sold on it either, and I don't think I'm "done" messing around with the format yet, but I'm getting there.

Thanks for the offer of help! Definitely interested in hearing your thoughts on polymorphs. I'll PM you on Central.

RaltsMaster said...

Yes, I think the Angus challenge ends at Zafaria because enemies get a LOT more health there and there are more cheating bosses that neuter your strats. Pity, I was hoping for something cool.