Sunday, August 16, 2015

#Blaugust Day 16 -- Mega Fans Make the day Mega Awesome!

Hello, friends! I have a story wrapped within a story and a conclusion to a story for you today! If it sounds exciting, it is! If it sounds complex, well, lemme unravel that for you. :)

Back on Day 10 of Blaugust I reported a trip through Darkmoor that netted a Khrulhu spell for one Thomas Lionblood. Today I finished up that trip, with no deaths to report, and a big KO to Malistaire the Undying.

And it was all thanks to the amazing team of Alura, Lucas, and Boris . . . my new favorite Russian Wizard101 fan and husband and wife team. 

Yay long list of loot!

I learned a lot and would definitely like to run that a few more times.

For the Yevgeny fight I was on blade duty for Boris. Not much to worry about there! Alura (who has two max level wizards of every class . . . in standard mega-fan fashion) was quick to hand over a few conviction Treasure Cards, and the blades flowed like honey.

For the Shane Von Shane fight I was on low-pip damage spell duty and just plunked away on him with dark pixie, vampire, wand strikes, and banshees while the two storm wizards did that thing they do so well!

Then came Malistaire the Undying. Here I played backup heals for Alura and some shielding duty with a little Shadow Sentinel, and it really did work well . . . Sentinel saved Boris at the end!  Great team work all around for sure.

Good to see that Malistaire is finally a mega fan . . . although he probably still has issues, I wish him nothing but the best in his retirement.

Anyway, back to the real star of the show . . . Boris! Boris is awesome!  He has a full fish collection in his myth house . . . one of every fish to be found.

How did I meet this magnificent wizard? Well, funny story . . . I had left myself afk after the last KI Live, and he waited along with a group of 10 or so who wanted to say hello when I came back. Usually, I'm pretty quick to unplug since overtime is pretty much a guarantee on KI Live days, and I'm in a rush to get home. Anyway, I got him on my friends list there (haha, he was pretty persistent)! 

It's nice to meet people who are mega fans of Wizard101, and in his own words, that's him! (Probably fits the description of many people who visit my blog, right?)

Speaking of Mega fans . . . our lady Sophia was kind enough to help me out this morning with some bazaar sniping of a few Agave Nectar and Turquoise so I could finish up those left over Crafting quests from Azteca and Khyrsalis.

. . . and finally, my other Comrade besides Boris became a new mega fan of my fishing skills when I finished up Dragonspyre fishing.

Yuri's pretty awesome for a ghost fisherman . . . then again, I can't say I know many ghost fishermen outside of Yuri.

All in all, the mega fans made it a great day in Wizard101 for Thomas Lionblood.

Thanks all and Happy Dueling!


This post is part of the Blaugust challenge -- Thanks to Belghast from Tales of the Aggronaut for hosting. 

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Lynda said...

Great job with Malistaire! I need to get me a friend like Boris! I've yet to face Malistaire in the third part of Darkmoor. Can't find anyone to go in with me and stay put! Maybe I'll go hang out and watch for Boris and Natasha to show up!

Another Mega-fan!

Grace Silverdust