Friday, August 7, 2015

#Blaugust Day 7 -- Lame Night vs. OK Night

It's kind of weird how a bad night of gaming can just throw you off. I had one of those the night before last. First, I got discouraged by the gold sink required to craft the Tempered Spinal Blades back piece. I tried to explain this to one of my friends in Guild Chat and why I'm doing it . . .

But what I talk about there doesn't even cover the cost of crafting all the other back pieces that led to this piece:

When I looked back at all the time and effort I was spending creating this thing, I don't know . . . I just kind of got depressed. At that particular moment two days ago, it just didn't feel worth it, and I got discouraged, and this was after I had already completed my Gift of Blades!  I think the real kicker for me was the feeling of futility from buying watchwork sprockets and doing this:

Buying those sprockets and dumping them in the mystic forge . . . dunno, it was a weird feeling. I can't quite call it anger. I can't quite call it sadness . . . it's just a game after all . . . I can't quite call it nerd rage. 

I shall call it the feeling of, "meh."

THEN, I had a huge string of defeats in the new Tavern Brawl in Hearthstone. LOL.

I haven't built up a ton of cards, and I have very very few legendary cards, so when I'm forced to build my own deck instead of say the awesomeness of the last couple of weeks where the Tavern Brawl put people on equal footing . . . I don't know, there's just more defeats for a chump like me. This also left me with said feeling of "meh."


Last night, however, was an OK night (can't really call it a "great night"). First, I actually hooked up the Atari and played some Adventure. I ain't kidding. I was actually kind of surprised that my cartridge was in such good condition. The whole reason I loaded it up is because my son asked me to. I think he might have seen it at Classic Game Fest and got interested.  That worked for me because it also kicked him off Guild Wars 2, so dad could play. I eventually returned after he beat his head against the second level of difficulty and showed him the old pro's ways of running the chalice to the gold castle in all three levels of difficulty. *smacks hands together* If an old game of Adventure can't break the "meh," then I don't know what can!

In Guild Wars 2 I took myself back up to 13 gold from my poverty levels of "99 silver and some chewing gum," and continued on my futile quest for the tempered spinal blades (did I happen to mention there's another two stages of evolution for these Spinal Blades? Such a gold sink. I don't know if I can keep going.) 

And any time I can help down the Teq and get some easy loot . . . I'm in!

I also hopped over to Wizard101 and harvested several gardens and got gobs and gobs of loot. As I said a few days ago, it's just pure happiness seeing all that loot.

I was also super happy I got to crash through the first part of Darkmoor with some quality people yesterday (*fives* to my friends--you know who you are) and will probably have my Krulhu spell here very soon . . . like today soon.

Finally, Hearthstone was treating me well again and I managed to win a couple more Tavern Brawls before calling it a night while watching some Twitch to wind down.


What's the moral of the story? Well, there really isn't one . . . i'm just trying to make a Blaughust post for the day. LOL. 

Ok, I'll at least try to shoot for a moral of the story: I think it just comes down to attitude and variety really. For grindy stuff like the blades, if something isn't really working, you need to just step away and try again another day. That's usually how it works in MMOs anyway. Having friends to rant to and gain insight from is also a definite plus. 

I don't know, Hearthstone really is about getting some luck with your draws mixed with having great cards. Playing your strengths (or at least a strong build) while earning and crafting those rare and legendary cards is probably your best bet. (Thanks Cavernshark for your infinite gobs of  Hearthstone wisdom you dispense to me.)

Hope you all have a great day of gaming and keep your chin up! There's going to be good days and bad. Just keep playing.

Happy Dueling!


This post is part of the Blaughust challenge -- Thanks to Belghast from Tales of the Aggronaut for hosting. 

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

I have had those days too, even with GASP KI games O.o. You are absolutely right. A dose of another kind of game, in my case Dragon Age or Final Fantasy and I am back in sorts again and ready to right wrongs in the Spiral or what ever mythical world I step into. Either that or write a fun blog :D