Monday, August 3, 2015

#Blaugust Day 3 -- Catching up with Team Spode

Aren't familiar with Team Spode? What?! Then you certainly missed pages 72 and 73 of Becket Massive Online  Gamer back in 2011! (Gasp, how could you?)

Team Spode is my "Sunday Night Gaming Group" that's been playing MMOs and RPGs for many many years (over 15 years? 20 years? something like that?)  . . . and the main cause of me feeling super tired on Monday morning for all those years as well. ;)

We've played Diablo through Diablo III, Neverwinter Nights (enough to know we didn't like it), all expansions of Guild Wars 1, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Dungeon Seige I and II, and DC Universe Online.

Our current game is Guild Wars 2. I took a few snapshots of me and the members of Team Spode last night when we were waiting for the Claw of Jormag event to happen. (Forgive the wall of selfies about to hit your screen -- um, I'm the guy in florescent blue with the obnoxious goggles and green Mohawk wielding the butterfly axe)

Vanorika and TFN

Jovan and TFN

Saun Zaumbie and TFN

Tipa Starr and TFN

Lord Spode, TFN, and DreamTamer

We're all level 80 now and it's hard to say if we're ready to move on to a new game or not . . . most of us still seem to be having fun with Guild Wars 2, and some of us *cough* me *cough* might have put in a bit of overtime in the game finishing the personal story and living world story 2, Been there done that explorer badge, full set of luminescent, 500/500 in both Weapon Smithing and Tailoring, and full set of ascended gear to boot (still no epic weapon though).

Most of the time the team has one or two that can't make it to the evening's events and we group up to run fractals or dungeons or WHATEVER.

Everybody showed up last night and we decided that (instead of Silverwastes) we'd hit the World Boss Circuit. You see in Guild Wars 2 there are timed events that happen throughout the day and there are many cool sites that track when an event is about to happen. I personally like the Guild Wars Temple site . . . but to each their own.

We ended up taking down Tequatl the Sunless, Claw of Jormag, Shadow Behemoth, The Frozen Maw, The Shatterer, and Megadestroyer for the night, and pretty much had a lot of fun smack talking each other over Skype and listening to Spode's son torment him while he was playing. (I was just glad it wasn't me this time . . .)

There still is a lot of content left for us to cover. Although we've hit each dungeon, we haven't hit each path of each dungeon, and I would love for the group to persue that, but you never know with Team Spode what's next . . . although a few of the members have been dipping their virtual toes into the pools of Skyforge.

Things go a bit slow when the group only gathers on Sunday nights, but it's a guaranteed group with friends . . . you can't beat it.

Happy Dueling!


This post is part of the Blaughust challenge -- Thanks to Belghast from Tales of the Aggronaut for hosting. 


Tipa Starr said...

I make guns look GOOOOOD!

Chrissy The Blesser said...

OK, now I wanna get back to my Guild Wars fun :D Thanks for that timer link. It is MUCH better than the one I found. Now I am all itchy for some fun GW style.

Stingite said...

@Tipa: Are you sure you don't want to hold these +50 charisma steins from Everquest?

@Chrissy: We'll see you in there!