Friday, August 19, 2011

Bailey wand strikes Malistaire Dead . . . 35 times over

Yesterday I came home from work and this screenshot was up on our screen:

"Oh nice!" I said, "who did the big hit?"

"It's a wand strike I did from Amber's character with the help of Joshua Lionbane," replied one uber wife.

"whoa, wand strike?" I queried with as much query as a query could query.

"Yup!" Bailey said with a smile in her voice, "I recorded it too!" SQUEE!

Nice hit! Imagine if she would have crit on that wand! It's too bad they capped damage at 1,000,000 . . . I'd shudder to think what people could hit for these days. Tracking the big hits was fun for a while. :)

Great hit Joshua and Bailey!

Happy dueling!


Malorn Ghostrider said...

They made a damage cap? Too bad, if not, the possibilities are endless. How many feints can you get? Lets see, necklace, treasure, normal, pet cast, and probably more. Then if you use a full pip supercharge, along with another full pip supercharge treasure card, that alone could make a massive hit.

Ghostmancer said...

It's capped now? I didn't know.

Joshua Lionbane said...

Haha, thanks for posting that. Doing the hit was really fun :D

Tara Darkgem said...

nice job bailey! nice job joshua that must have been amazing XD!

Anonymous said...


My friend once hit 1,000,000 with a hundred damage sword hit.

Connor AshFountain said...

I wonder how Friendly found that there was a damage cap?Heheheh.

Duncan Battleblood said...

Would of been wise to take her weakness off first.

Joshua Lionbane said...

i just realized that was 350000! not 35000 lol!!!!!!!!!!