Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When will Celestia Furniture be out? Should I wait?

hey all! I've got an interesting question here from Whitestorm:
I'm getting close to finishing Dragonspyre, and I can't wait to start questing in Celestia. However, I've noticed that there is no Celestia furniture, and I'm wary of doing the Celestia quests before the furniture update comes out. Do you know when the furniture will be added to Celestia? Could you find out? Thanks

Well, I asked Professor Greyrose for you, and she didn't have any idea on a date when this stuff would be put in the game. She did make mention to the fact that there was a lag between putting in Grizzleheim and the Grizzleheim houses.

I mentioned back to Professor Greyrose that Grizzleheim at least had some Grizzleheim-style furniture in the game when it was released . . . and then e-mail traffic went silent. This could be because she was still gathering information or because she's busy or maybe because there's really no good answer right now.

So, let's see, the question at this point then is really, "Should I play through Celestia even though there aren't housing items instituted in the game?"

For me, it's a resounding yes. Yes, you should play through Celestia. The benefits of earning all those levels, spells, and new fun far outweigh the furniture items. Yes, unfortunately, at some point they may load up Celestia with furniture laden quests after we've all gone through that content, and we'll all miss out on that furniture. Meh. It's a little bit of a bummer, and it happened back when furniture was first instituted into the game. But, now I can find a lot of those furniture items for quests for sale in the bazaar. In fact, I just covered a room in my new Massive Fantasy Palace with Grandpa Froggy pictures, which comes from a side quest in Marleybone. Check it out:

Who would have thought I could pick up 24 of those in the bazaar now? Not me!

If you're looking for a time line, then the best I can give you is based off of Professor Greyrose's response . . . let's look to the past for clues of the future. Furniture and housing was instituted in the game after Dragonspyre was released. It was May 6, 2009 to be exact, which was only a month before Grizzleheim was released on the test realm. A year later (late June 2010), Grizzleheim houses were released.

We could be in for a long wait. I'm not really sure, but I say, go have fun in Celestia anyway! I'll let you all know when I get more information.

Happy Dueling!


Lail Deathspear said...

I think it would be cool if the Kingsisle people would give us the housing stuff for the quests that we have already finished whenever cl housing comes out.

Anonymous said...

i want celestia statues!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol i remember when housing came out and I was so bummed because it was sooo expensive ( well it was for someone who wasnt even in krok yet) I remember it was may 6th because that was the day before my birthday lol

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Wizard101 but I don't have any friends or family who play it, whcih makes it harder and less fun. I'd appreciate any suggestions that you have.
Luke Emeraldrider
(At least I'm getting the $39 pack with the castle house, eyc. for the holidays!)

M.W.S said...

Nice work Friendly... Good to still be reading blogs.

Panglou said...

FROGGY! FROGG! flees and flies are scrupulousness's!

Anonymous said...

It will be nice when Celestia furniture comes out, but right now I just want to know when KI is going to put up the Celestia ringtones- I would love to have the Base Camp theme playing on my phone. :)
It didn't take them very long to release the Grizzleheim ringtones, but then again there are only three tracks in GH, so I wonder how long the CL ones will be in coming.