Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yes, Yes, it's all true: Gardening on the Test Realm!

Go try it out my friends! Though the test realm patcher says it's offline, it's not! It still loads and you can press play.

The first thing you'll notice if you're over 12th level, Moolinda Wu is all excited to chat with you.

Why? She wants to get you started down the path of gardening, which is a brand new system expansion for Wizard101.

I had to laugh yesterday when the news broke over Twitter because I had just been writing about this "super secret" new expansion just last week. LOL! I was thinking this wouldn't hit the streets for at least another month. Nope.

As you get going here, you'll notice that perhaps this wasn't quite ready for the test realm just yet.

I'm titling this one, "White Bubbles with Arrow Swords Poking Random Information." It's a work of art.

What's supposed to be in those bubbles isn't too hard to figure out.

Top line = Type of plant
Reward line = How good of a reward you get from your plant.
Challenge line = How difficult it is to grow your plant.
Likes = Put it by this to make it grow better.
Dislikes = Don't put it by this.
Level = Level of gardener you have to be to grow it.

. . . you get the idea . . . I'm not going to spoil some things just because I had advanced knowledge.

Take a look over on the right hand bar at the Bloggers club to see all the buzz from the Wizard101 blogosphere. TONS of cool info there. Tipa's got a good post up (to answer her final question, no). This update was practically hand made for Paige. :-) I do believe Amber was the first to blog about it.

Also be sure to check the Wizard101 Central Test Realm forum for information. Lots of good stuff going on there.

The big hidden update that goes along with this is CELESTIA FURNITURE! Be sure to run back to Otto and Gearwise here in the Celestia Base Camp and check out all the new stuff you can craft and buy. :-)

That should make a lot of people happy. :-)

Happy Dueling!


Paige MoonShade said...

You are so right, I am all over this update :D. About to have my first plant to mature ;).

Matthew Stormshade said...

it did for me, gardening, eh but celestian furniture :D

Panglou said...

OMG! That is sooo awesome, gotta go and check it! :)

<(-) said...

Hi Friendly, I have a translating request.
Since you have been deciphering the tunnel in cl, I was wondering if you could figure out what the writing around the dueling circles say?

Thanks in advance,
Suri Blueflower

Johnist said...

Friendly, they also made all Polymorph, Unstoppable, and Gargantuan treasure cards 'No Trade'. The Astral Archivist now has his TCs back!

Robert DragonHeart said...

Hey Friendly its Rogue! The first person to blog about it was the Death Student Teacher, Mary DreamShade "The Pie Loving Necromancer" or as Leesha would say "The Death OverLord".

Smogger Smasher said...

Who knows, maybe gardening will be important. There could be gardening "quests" just like crafting quests. Badge: Grandmaster Gardener!!! OOO! Maybe you can grow flowers that can help in battle. HA HA!! TASTE THE AWESOME MIGHT OF MY PANSIES, MALISTARE!!! A sunflower staff. That's beleivable. Those things are freaking huge. Seriously. Like taller than a fully grown... STORMZEELA!!!! AIEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Willzahk said...

Question: Do you have to be subscribed to start Gardening? I know I can just bazaar snipe for exotic plants, but I hope there's an Audrey II somewhere in that new expansion.

Anonymous said...

from edward night

Anonymous said...

Since you got inside info and are writing about it, do you know how to harvest plants? Mine are mature but I can't figure out how to harvest them D:

Stingite said...

@Paige: awesome! Be sure to report what you got from your first harvest, would ya?

@Matthew: hehe, yeah, uber wife even got a drop from a boss yesterday. Brain Coral!

@panglou: definitely! Do some bug reporting.

@Suri: http://thefriendlynecromancer.blogspot.com/2010/09/check-this-out.html

@Johnist: oh nice! Didn't know that! thanks. :-)

@Dragonheart: Oohhhh, Dreamshade was the first to post? Cool cool. Dreamshade is awesome.

@Smogger: LOL. A sunflower staff would rock.

@Willz: as long as you're level 12, you can do gardening. No sub needed. Of course, there are seed shops in all the worlds of the spiral . . .

@anon: Oh nice! Thanks!

@anon2: When your plant is ready, you'll get a click X message to harvest it.