Sunday, November 21, 2010

Will KI revisit old content? Can I boost a blade?

I've got a couple questions here today to answer. First up is a question from Alric Hexsmith:
Love the blog! So much information AND fun. Was wondering about something and hoping you have heard anything along these lines.

Now that Celestia is out and everyone is so focused on it, do you think KI will ever go back and do anything more with some of the older content? I personally want to see grendel and bear pets, but things like a spider mount or a Marleybonian butler for my house would be great too. Thanks.
Thanks for reading, Alric! I appreciate it. :-)

One thing I know for sure is that Kingsisle is always working on something and sometimes they're a step a head of whatever else it is they're focusing on at the moment. Yup, Celestia has a good chunk of Wizard101 players consumed at the moment, but KingsIsle is definitely thinking one step ahead.

On the Beckett's MOG podcast, J Todd Coleman stated something to the extent that historically with Wizard101 KI will bounce back and forth between content expansion and system expansion. So, you get something like Dragonspyre then Housing then Grizzleheim then Advanced Pets then Celestia (although there were all kinds of other expansion type things mixed in between: mounts, briskbreeze, celestia prequest, crafting, etc). To me that says we're due for another big system expansion rather than a content expansion, so it is very possible that older content may be revisited in a new kind of way.

All the things you mention are very cool. I'd love to ride on a spider mount and have a grendel pet. That's pretty epic sounding in fact! But what I think you'd see in a system update is something that looks less like new pets and mounts and more like an overall sweeping upgrade to our game experience.


The next question here is from Tanner RubyCatcher.
Hey Friendly, I have a question: If I use like an accuracy boost on a Blade, and it works, when applied for damage, does it count as a different version of that Blade?

Heya! Well, if it worked like that I definitely would find more value in accuracy boosts outside of the storm class. Theoretically, yes. If you could apply an accuracy boost on a blade, I think it would stack and count as a different version of that blade.

I decided to try it out this morning just to make sure that I wasn't going crazy and you couldn't apply a treasure card on a blade.

whew, I'm not crazy (I know, debatable). See how the only cards that light up when I have the treasure card selected are damage dealing cards (that aren't already enchanted of course -- I had previously enchanted that wraith)?

Awesome question though. I love how you're thinking here.

Happy Dueling!


Panglou said...

Well, thats good that your not going crazy... Yet.

Sierra Starsong said...

Blades don't work because you can't add accuracy to a card that's already 100% accurate. (That never worked with treasure card enhancements either.)