Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Few Gardening Questions

I've got a few questions about gardening over the past couple threads or so, so let me see if I can answer them.

Anon asks:
HI there, I'm confused about how to harvest. MY plants are adult, but I cant figure out how to harvest them!

When your mature plants are ready to harvest, they'll let you know. :-) You'll see something that looks like this.

It appears that Gardening is something that you just kind of have to have patience with I guess. I wanted to loot those things as soon as they turned mature as well, but it took a while until they were ready to give me some gold. If I remember right, one of my Dandy-lions didn't give me anything at mature at all. All I got was the reward at the elder phase.


flash33 asks:
Do you know what it means when the plants eminate a yellow aura, because it's kinda confusing me.

The only two glows I've seen are when the plants are elder and when the have a bug infestation.

If it looks like this, then you're ready to harvest an elder plant or two:

If it looks like this, then you have a bug infestation:


Jacob asks:
By the way, can plants drop crowns? Also,my friend said something about KI doing some crowns giveaway around Christmas or something. Is this true?

Plants don't drop crowns, but DANG that would be nice if they did!

I haven't heard any direct plans to do a crowns giveaway around Christmas, but DANG that would be nice if they did!

I'll see if I can't Greyrose to drop by this thread and see if she has a better answer on the Christmas Crown giveaway. :-)


Eric Darkblood asks:
Not sure here but do you have to be a certain level to start gardening?
When you hit level 12, you'll get a notification from Moolinda Wu that she wants to talk to you about gardening.



Happy Dueling


John Lifeglen said...

The other possible glow results from having used the rank 1 bug protection spell from the Moolinda's Green Thumb pack. It keeps a "bug spray" of sorts on the plants for 48 hours that prevents all rank 1 pests.

Anonymous said...

I have seen other wizards as ninja pigs and the tree guys walking around wc. I was wondering how they are doing this

Anonymous said...

Hey, i'm thinking of starting a blog for wizard101 (one that will probably never be viewed) but do you have any advice for me? anything i should or shouldnt do? i would really appreciate it if you would take the time to help me. :D

Seth Titan Whisper said...

DANG, that would be nice

flash33 said...

Hey friendly, I'm curious as to what kind of soil you use (mostly for your normal plants like bloom shrooms). Do you use regualr soil/pot or enchanted soil/pot?