Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Celestia Pet Questions

Here's a few more pet related questions that cropped up in that last post.


Anon asks:
"you can dye the fierce hound different colors?"

Yes, Yes you can! there are four different colors you can dye your hound!


Trevor Mythstone asks:
Hey Friendly,
This has really been bothering me and I'd like to know if you know anything about this. There is no new Celestia pets, excluding starfish, spinyfish, sea dragon and sea turtle. It seems weird no one found a new pet yet, not even the shark pet said in the that leaked shark poster, one side enemy, one side pet, the other mount. This is just really bugging me. What do you got to say about it.

Interesting point. I think a lot of it has to do with the new complexities of the game vs. the effort of building a new world. Let me explain a bit.

Kingisle has been adding complexity to their game from day 1. When this game started, it was a much simpler beast. We had our 101 spells, we had our zones up to Mooshu, we had our cool gear, we had a few pets, and that was it.

Over the years, new things have been put into the game to make it more fun. New things like these:
- Housing + furniture.
- Crafting + regeants.
- Advanced pets + pet food
- Pet mixing
- Pet racing
- Ranked PvP
- Mounts
- New spells

All of those things have been added to the world since its inception. Now every time they add a new world, we naturally expect all of those new complexities to be added alongside it. In fact, it doesn't seem complete without that stuff, does it? Not for me.

So let's see how they did with all these new complexities:
- Celestia housing + Celestia furniture
- Celestia crafting + Celestia reagents
- Celestia advanced pets + Celestia pet food
- Celestia Pet Mixing
- Celestia pet racing tracks
- Celestia PVP arenas
- Celestia mounts
- Celestia spells

Here's how I'd grade them. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Celestia housing + Celestia furniture = F. Nope. Just like Grizzleheim, I think we won't see the release of Celestia housing for a little bit. Obviously there was a complete lack of new furniture added alongside Celestia. I think you'll probably find a lot of upset levelers who will have missed out on furniture items when KI adds them to side quests that they've already completed. I'm positive furniture and housing will come at a later date. You'll probably still be able to purchase all those items at the bazaar though.

Celestia crafting + reagents = A. Yes, they added this with Celestia. Awesome.

Celestia advanced pets + Celestia pet food = C. I think you're right. It was implemented, and there are new pets, but I'm a little disappointed by the lack of new pets. Of course, there are well over 200 pets in the game. I probably wouldn't have been disappointed at all if the advanced pets release had come after Celestia. Then again, I couldn't really imagine doing Celestia without a cool advanced pet now.

Celestia Pet Mixing = ??. I don't know if anyone has tried combining all the new Celestia pets together to see if they could get something new. I'd like to see some more information on that. Perhaps all our pets are hiding within rare combinations. I have no idea. It's still too new.

Celestia pet racing tracks = F. They were totally left out. I have no idea if they have plans to build a new Celestia track. I'd be interested in a swimming race or a race inside a dome.

Celestia PVP arenas = ??. I haven't seen one. Have you guys seen one? I'm assuming they get an F here, but I might be wrong.

Celestia mounts = A. They really excelled here. There are a ton of new mounts to choose from. Great job!

Celestia spells = A+. Without a doubt, Celestia is all about the new spells of the game. They took names and kicked butt with this release as far as spells go. Definitely no room for criticism here at all.

So there were some successes and some failures, but with every new feature KingIsle adds to the game, it's clear they also add more complexity to the release of each new world. Failure to release some of these with th new world makes it feel . . . incomplete (especially the furniture and housing). Then again, it is super nice to have a world to run around in and who cares about all the fluff, right? right!


Anon x2 asks
Okay, well when the Death Scarab's were up for grabs last year for the contest, was there a limit? Because I have two for some reason, please help.?

Um, I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about, but the Death Scarab is in fact a very rare pet. There was a contest more than a year ago where the first 101 people to enter the code "seveneleven" into the KI website at a certain time got the pet. That's an extremely limited amount of pets and makes it very rare. The contest was done heavily over twitter and it was basically to celebrate KI's new release of gift cards.

If you have two death scarabs, consider yourself lucky! Was there another contest I was unaware of?

**update!** yup, Robert reminded me of the Pokemon promotion. Everyone got a death scarab for that too ... I guess it's a lot more common than I was thinking. Cool.


RoyalWizard asks:
hey friendly i have a question
how come all pets that you buy on wizard101 take 5 minutes to hatch? and why do some of the new Celestia bought pets take longer to hatch like the starfish and sea dragon? I am very puzzled by this and i already asked all my friends on the game and they were puzzled too

I'm not sure why that is, but I imagine some of the pets have been sitting under the heat lamp longer than others. ;-)

It sure helps with trying to identify if you have a hybrid or not when you look at the hatch time of your egg.

When I was at GDC, I sat around in a circle chatting with some KI employees and they said at one time they considered having an equippable egg bounce around behind you while you waited for your egg to hatch. haha! I'd love to see that happen. :-)


Happy Dueling!


Robert DragonHeart said...

The second contest was the pokemon contest! Even though they said the code will give you one of six, everyone pretty much got the Death S!

stingite said...

OH YEAH!! Now I remember! Thanks, Robert!

Lail Deathspear said...

I got the Death beetle AFTER the seveneleven code thing was over.I wonder why?

stingite said...

Probably that pokemon promotion. I had totally blocked the prize from that out of my mind. Shrugs.

Sierra Starsong said...

Re: hatch times

If you're mixing two school-only pets and the egg takes 21 hours to hatch, you've got a hybrid; if the egg hatches in 18 hours you've got a copy of one of the parents. (Well, the body's a copy, the stats will still be mixed of course.)

Anonymous said...

I got my death scarab in some email, They said my membership accidently ended because of a bug or something and I got the death scarab...? Did this happen to anybody else? My membership renews each month so it couldn't have been that it ran out.

RoyalWizard said...

yay you answered my question thanks :)

Panglou said...

I got the seveneleven code 2 days after it was released, so there must've been some kind of bug, because i'm sure more then 101 people had redeemed it by then.

Ashley SpiritWeaver said...

about the pet eggs thing is that what the pet shopkeeper in the pet minigame place has? just wondering cause that confused me since the beginning and i thought maybe it was a glitch but its still there

Anonymous said...

friendly how come that the ianthine specter and crabling are for sale at crowns shop but not seraph?
its still says crowns only but why is it not selling?